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Major General megaflame1992 from ny, NY

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Average of 4.89 reviewed by 1027 people

Airsoft Gun Lube


94 out of 120 people found the following review helpful:

4 out of 5- A most have,
Reviewer: megaflame1992 from ny, NY

its a most have to keep you gun it tip top shape. without it your gun will decrease in fps (feet per second). with the barrles juiced up your gun shots like new. its cheap and it helps save your guns. i think its just smart to buy it. i use it after about 1000 shots even though its really saposed to be use every 3000-6000 shots but i like to keep my gun clean for any gun war that might come my way. so just buy it. its worth the $5.50 that it is. i head it for over a year so u get your money out of it. this is what u need for a good gun.

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