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R E V I E W S from

Lieutenant Colonel devildomokun from kenmore, WA

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Average of 4.89 reviewed by 1027 people

Airsoft Gun Lube


84 out of 107 people found the following review helpful:

5 out of 5- Why not?,
Reviewer: devildomokun from kenmore, WA

I kinda had my doubts when I purchased the lube along with another gun that I wish to remain anonymous(salty pain in my a**). I mean, with the low price and all I was a bit cautious and hoped for a good outcome and I got it. It helps gun performance a great deal with FPS and range. Even being the friggin' n00b I am, I can tell that this is a must buy. Which bring me back to the title of this review, you would ask me, "why?" and I'd say, "why the h-e-doublehockysticks not?"

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