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R E V I E W S from

Major General sh0ck cp sh0ck from Yardville, NJ

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Average of 4.50 reviewed by 12 people

Cybergun/KWC Desert Eagle .50AE CO2 Blow Back Semi/Full Auto
Metal Slide & Barrel


33 out of 34 people found the following review helpful:

4 out of 5- I call mine the 'Desert Dragon',
Reviewer: sh0ck cp sh0ck from Yardville, NJ

Note: This is actually one of the only reviews I have done for products I actually own. lol

The War Story:

This gun has had a long history with me. I cannot count the amount of times it has saved my skin. I will give you one of the most notable now, which also gives testament to the power of this weapon.

I was playing one of my first games with this weapon at my side and... some other gun. I forgot what. But it wasn't the star of the show today. Anyway, I was approaching some tangos trying to regroup with the rest of their forces back at their base. I prepared myself to engage them with the AK variant I had, and just as I was about to shoot, I get off 3 rounds and then... my AK jams! I had no time to field strip it and un-jam the barrel, so I pulled out the Desert Eagle and aimed down range at them. The idiots... they thought it was some kinda spring pistol. They had M4 and M14 AEGs, so they started rushing me. I decided, since I was probably gonna get hit anyway, I would at least show them that it wasn't, in fact, a spring pistol. Without even aiming, I lift the Desert Eagle up with one hand and spray its whole 21 round clip at them on full auto. They got the idea, 'cause you could see the dust behind them as they ran the opposite direction with their tails between their legs. I hadn't even hit one of them, and I still effectively stopped the enemy from reinforcing their main force, who were under siege by my teammates. And that's when I started calling it my Desert Dragon. Because it roars like a viking, spits fire, and is always ready to rock your s**t.

Whoo, I feel good now


Performance Review - If you want to know how I chronograph all my weapon reviews, please read the rest of my reviews to find out

Note: Though this is my gun, I have done NO external or internal upgrading to this weapon

Shot 1: 333 FPS (half of 666, hehe)

Shot 2: 326 FPS

Shot 3: 328 FPS

Shot 4: 319 FPS

Shot 5: 318 FPS

As you can see, you get fairly tight FPS groupings with this weapon. I admire consistency. And the FPS itself is incredible. It's hard to find any other CO2 powered weapon with this much power

Range tests - KSC 'Perfect' .2g BB's were used for the purpose of this test

Note: I'm going to edit the range testing section a bit to simplify it. I will only include the amount of shots I missed in my attempt to knock down all 3 4x4 inch auto standing targets in a row

Test 1 - 50 feet

Shots missed: 0

Test 2 - 100 feet

Shots missed: 1

Test 3 - 120 feet - Level Range

Shots missed: 1

Test 4 - 150 feet

Shots missed: 3

Test 5 - 200 feet

Shots missed: 7 (note: I got the first 2 and missed the last one on nearly every try I took with this target. I finally got it after 7 tries)

The accuracy isn't all that great on this weapon, but we must recognize the fact that we're using 4x4 inch targets. Man sized targets have no shot at avoiding this incoming fire.

I award my Desert Dragon a solid 7/10 for performance!


Internal and External review:

Really, this is just an External review. The internals on any CO2 powered weapon do not vary very much, unless it's a completely different style weapon. The externals however, are awesome! It's almost sad to think that the only part of this gun that isn't metal is the one I'm holding... yes, ladies and gents, the whole thing isn't metal. The grip and frame, however, are a very nicely built ABS plastic, made from one single piece. In other words, no seam lines, and the weapon lasts longer! The grip is textured for optimal handling as well. Things I would've added, however, is a railed frame. It would've taken this sidearm and turned it into a full blown primary weapon!

Internals and Externals for my Desert Dragon are awarded a solid 8/10 stars!


Feel Review:

This is NOT your average run-of-the-mill CO2 pistol in any aspect, and especially in the feeling department. However, it is lacking slightly. For one, the only parts that aren't metal are the ones you hold, as I said. This takes away from the realism slightly, and not to mention the awesomeness. However, the ABS plastic is comfortable and easy to handle. This gun's massive recoil will not make you lose your hold on it. However, this doesn't necessarily equal comfort. It is actually a pain to hold onto for a while, and I have found gripping it tightly like I instinctively do will create marks in your hands after a while. Not only that, but it's hard for people with small hands such as myself to completely grasp the weapon

For the feel review, I give the Desert Dragon a modest 6/10 stars


Realism Review (yes I'm adding another section):

This weapon is nearly the real deal... or real steel, I should say. The IMI trademards on its slide are a very nice touch, and won't wear off with extended play. The metal content on this beast also adds onto the realism in regards to weight. The blow back is strong, and if you don't have a tight grip on the weapon, it will easily free itself from your weak grasp. The locking slide and open ejection port are also things that only make this gun even more realistic. If it weren't for orange tips, I'd be writing this review from New Jersey State Penitentiary. With warmest regards from the man behind me in the shower (

I award my Desert Dragon a 9/10 for realism


Intimidation Review:

Need I go back into the war story? It scared off 4 guys with M4 and M14 AEGs, and it didn't even hit anybody.

I don't even need to say it: 10/10 stars for intimidation!


Final Score:

After averaging everything, the KWC Desert Eagle .50AE CO2 Blow Back airsoft pistol is awarded my highest rating so far, a 9/10 stars. However, I give it a 4/5 because it may be close, but it isn't perfect


Pros and Cons:

-FPS is fairly high
-RoF is pretty good as well
-Lots of metal content
-Fully Automatic capabilities
-Scares the living s**t out of people
-Good for CQB and field as a sidearm
-Price is very good for effectiveness

-No metal where it counts
-Sucks down gas... be prepared to bring extra CO2
-Very, very loud... but that also means intimidating
-Not very comfortable to hold


The Final Word:

The KWC Desert Eagle .50AE CO2 Blow Back is undoubtedly the best CO2 weapon you can buy. While it does encounter problems that all CO2 guns face as well as its own personal problems, the Pros heavily outweigh the Cons in this situation. And for its price, it's hard to find anything that even comes close. I've seen 200 dollar gas pistols that don't perform nearly as well as this baby. Buy one and you most certainly won't be disappointed

And one more thing: only buy it from the professionals at ShortyUSA!

Long live the sport of Airsoft!

-your daily dose of sh0ck

PS: I think Jeffer is my new favorite reviewer, what about you?

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Average of 4.50 reviewed by 48 people

ECHO 1 ASR Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle


31 out of 53 people found the following review helpful:

4 out of 5- Looks like an amazing contender... scratch that, just take shorty's word for it,
Reviewer: sh0ck cp sh0ck from Yardville, NJ

The moment I laid eyes on this gun... I'll admit, I wasn't appealed by its design. At first it looked like a Super 9 and a M4 had a baby. It looked like a joke.

Believe me, this is no joke.

460 FPS

240 foot reach

6 point adjustable stock?

Pistol grip?

Chuck Norris approved?

Better than my M324? This is an atrocity! This is blasphemy! This is madness!


-Your daily dose of sh0ck

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Average of 5.00 reviewed by 1 people

UTG Quick Detach Sling Swivel


9 out of 10 people found the following review helpful:

5 out of 5- Saved my life,
Reviewer: sh0ck cp sh0ck from Yardville, NJ

Honestly, when a friend threw this in with an airsoft package he assembled for me and told me what it was for, I honestly thought I wasn't gonna need to use it. But, I definitely ate my words.

The next week, I went out to a war with that very same friend. He had a G&G M60E4 variant, and I had an M4 Carbine type rifle (forgot exactly what, ‘cause I had to replace it a while ago) which weighed A TON with all the attachments I had and the loaded high-cap. I also had this Sling Swivel attached to it. Anyway, the war was a 12 v 12, and was a siege type game. We were attacking in a CQB environment. During the engagement, since the other team had a couple guys with MP5 AEG's and Mac 10 and 11 GBB's, and the rest had springers, they raped in the CQB part and took out 5 of our men while we took out three of theirs. We forced them into retreat because my friend laid down a huge volley of fire with his 2,500 rd box mag. Then we went into field combat, and we had the advantage because we were using mostly M14 and M16 variants. A couple of us had M324's, but we only had one now ‘cause the others were taken out. Anyway, our FO (Forward Observer) told us that tango's were seen leaving and entering a bushed area about a 250 yards to our 9 o clock. Most of our remaining men took the direct path (a beaten out dirt road, the same one the enemy took), while myself and another member of the team cut through a densely wooded area that was much shorter than going along the path. We stayed about 30 feet away from the enemy encampment until we were sure that our comrades had started their frontal assault. We weren't there about 5 minutes before my friend radioed me and told me that most of them were either down or heavily suppressed by enemy fire. We were given the directive to roll through and provide assist. However, my partner's radio was extremely loud and some nearby patrolmen heard us. We realized they only had springers and started a frontal attack. Just then, my partner was hit, and my sling got caught on a stray tree branch and left me open for attack. Then it hit me: I was using the sling swivel, and so, I hit the quick release button and pulled my M4 free. I laid down some automatic fire and took out both of the attackers.

For those of you still dragging on about the war story itself, the ending was not good. We essentially walked into an ambush. We lost all our men while they only lost 7. It seemed like they were smart enough to know not to use springers, but they packed a heck of a lot of ammunition with them. The point of that extremely long story was to explain how this item might not seem all that useful to you at one point, but it will prove itself when it matters most. I can probably bet that most of you reading this have gotten into a situation like that before. So for pretty cheap, buy a couple and put ‘em on your AEG's (or just one if you only have one AEG)

If you liked this story or this review please rate this up. I'll give you a cookie.

-your daily dose of sh0ck

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Average of 4.67 reviewed by 6 people

Mad Bull M100 Spring


7 out of 7 people found the following review helpful:

5 out of 5- Best spring from the best company!,
Reviewer: sh0ck cp sh0ck from Yardville, NJ


In my opinion at least, Mad Bull is one of the best airsoft accessory companies in the business today! They make so many high quality items that are in use in many airsoft guns today, that they have become mythical in a sense.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking "Sh0ck this is an M100 only 300 - 320 FPS why would I want that".

Look at it from a different standpoint from yours (most likely someone looking to buy a spring to bring their already high performance AEG into a newer level of awesome): Say you have kind parents, who know that you love airsoft, and decided to buy you a new airsoft gun from a local store (not shortys, which is a big mistake in itself). You receive it, and put on a big fake smile because it could quite possibly be the worst airsoft gun you've ever seen in your lifetime. I'm talking plastic internals AND externals, lower than 220 FPS w/ .2g, huge orange tip, company logos everywhere, and a big fat MADE IN CHINA sticker right in plain sight. What do you do? Of course, you don't want to make your parents sad, so, you go to shortys and see what you can find that you will be able to upgrade it with, internally and externally.

Now, if you have a gun that's SO HORRIBLE that it won't be able to stand up to the force of an M130 or M140 spring, getting this M100 spring will most likely be the ideal choice for you. You can upgrade your AEG's FPS rating to something noteworthy, without putting too much stress on the internals. Now, I definitely don't recommend simply flipping out the springs and leaving it that way, and this is in no way a long term solution. In order for you to have the best performance, you need to upgrade your gearbox, motor, inner barrel, tappet plate, etc, as well as your spring. However, take that painfully horrible shooting AK-47 AEG, jerry-rig some weaver rails to it, buy a better performing battery, replace the buttstock pad, get yourself a fancy Red Dot Sight and foregrip, perhaps even some metal externals, and finally, flip your spring for this beauty for some power behind the flare, and you've got yourself a respectable weapon made from a sporting-good-store-failure.

-Your daily dose of sh0ck

PS: This is all speaking from experience. Everything that you have read from the review is based on past happenings. I still own the aforementioned AK-47 AEG and it is still performing well for me. I also apologize again for the extremely long review for this one product.

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Average of 5.00 reviewed by 1 people

Mad Bull Ultimate 6.01x455mm Tight Bore Barrel


7 out of 7 people found the following review helpful:

5 out of 5- Serious Airsofters need this,
Reviewer: sh0ck cp sh0ck from Yardville, NJ

I have always said that Mad Bull is one of the best airsoft gun upgrade parts and accessories manufacturers on the scene today, and they prove this to be true with these amazing quality tight bore barrels.

Some people I have talked to say 6.01 is too tight for a BB to travel down the inner barrel. Let me explain to you: this is not true at all. Most high quality BB's (which is the only kind you should use w/ a tight bore barrel) have a diameter of 5.98mm /-. The /- is the room for error in the BB, meaning that it could be .01 or less larger or smaller. The tight bore barrel also has this margin of error accounted for, so the barrel could be 6.02 or 6 mm in diameter in certain cases. The best case scenario allows for .04mm of space in between the BB and barrel, and the tightest allows for just .01 mm of space. This is allows for the best compression without going dangerously close to the BB. Too close would be .001mm of space, in other words, tight enough so that even the tiniest imperfection could jam the gun. However, that's not the case.

-your daily dose of sh0ck

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Average of 1.00 reviewed by 2 people

Cybergun Kalashnikov AK-47 Electric Softair Rifle


5 out of 6 people found the following review helpful:

1 out of 5- At last, we meet again...,
Reviewer: sh0ck cp sh0ck from Yardville, NJ

I called this rifle 'Horrace'.

The first rifle I'd ever owned. Sporting-Good-Store-Failure #1. Ah, the nostalgia kicks in...

Nonetheless, shorty makes a good point in that this isn't, by ANY means, a competing rifle. This isn't even an entry level rifle. If I gave this as a 'gift' to someone, I could quite possibly ruin the sport of airsoft for them.

But anyway, this rifle is labeled to be for knocking down cans (at distances -10ft) or generally just screwing around with. But I wouldn't humiliate a can of diet cherry vanilla doctor pepper (which is, indeed, the best tasting soda in all the land) by wasting the last of its' usefulness by putting dents in it at point blank range with this disaster. Nor would I make what I'm sure is one of the deepest insults to a child just getting into airsoft by relegating them to play with this. A more effective method of combat could possibly be to throw the BB, or perhaps even run up to your attacker and tag him with it. Oh, I think I invented a new game.

In short


(^that's my dissapoint face)


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Average of 4.59 reviewed by 1327 people

UTG M324 Gen 5 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Black


2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful:

5 out of 5- My baby,
Reviewer: sh0ck cp sh0ck from Yardville, NJ

This gun is my baby. That's all I can say. You don't even need me to tell you... once you've held this magnificent beast in your hands you'll never want to go back to whatever it was you were using before. Once you've held it, you'll want to shoot it. Once you've shot it and watched that BB speed off into the distance, waving at you as it accurately clears distances of over 200 feet, you'll want to keep it. If you try and walk off with my Baby, I'll murder you. Like really murder you. Don't touch my Baby. In fact, why is she in your hands? Give her back to me. You're undeserving of her gentle touch.

Putting a Scope of any kind on my Baby is just a humiliation to the gun. Because this gun is better than anything. I'm not saying don't put a scope on it, I'm just saying, you're not gonna be astounded by its new looks. This gun is better than everything... it's better than sex. It's better than Miller High Life... and that's saying a lot. It's better than long walks on the beach, and long beaches on the walk. It's better than spiders... and spiders are awesome.

If I could, I'd give this gun a 10 of 5. Then I'd kill myself because I would've disgraced the gun. In my Will, I would've requested that someone at the funeral pull my body upright, lift up my hand, move my finger in a pointing position, turn me back and forth, and move my jaw while someone plays a tape recording of myself saying 'HAHA. HAHA. HAHA.' because they don't have this gun. Then the C4 explosive in my chest would've gone off, taking everyone with me, except for the Pastor. He would've proceeded to remove me from my coffin, and bury me with my gun so no other person on this earth would experience the joys it brings to me each and every day.

Obsessed? No! You're obsessed!

-your daily dose of sh0ck

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Average of 4.25 reviewed by 734 people

Spec Ops Reflex Sight


2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful:

3 out of 5- Good to an extent,
Reviewer: sh0ck cp sh0ck from Yardville, NJ

This reflex sight is good for the purpose it serves, but little more.


-Reflex sight, so you don't have to spend precious seconds aligning your sights after a quick turn

-Ease of use


-Mounts onto nearly anything with rails

-Comes with battery installed AND a spare


-Batteries don't last very long

-No magnification

-Not useful for gloomy weather days, since the sight is tinted to enhance the color of the red dot

-Red dot isn't very visible in most conditions

-Doesn't have a green dot option (green dots are better for night games)

But the big tipper... price! This thing is cheap! So if you're definitely not looking to spend 60 - 70 dollars on an expensive RDS, and you don't wanna make your own (which is crappy, coming down to it), the this is your only real option!

-your daily dose of sh0ck

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