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R E V I E W S from

Specialist micheler464 from cecilton, MD

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Average of 4.50 reviewed by 12 people

Cybergun/KWC Desert Eagle .50AE CO2 Blow Back Semi/Full Auto
Metal Slide & Barrel


1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful:

4 out of 5- Great Gun,
Reviewer: micheler464 from cecilton, MD

Heres the deal:
*very loud and intimidating, awesome sound
*shoots far and hard so don't think that's a problem when about to buy
The only (minor) things you want to keep in mind are that:
*you must purchase a special holster for this gun due to the weight, but its only a few bucks more
*spare mags cost 35 dollars but shorty doesn't sell them, spare mags are also always out of stock everywhere
*the fire selector adjuster on the gun is very hard to move to swith safe, semi, and full auto (its like mission impossible) and i found thats not a problem with just my gun.
In conclusion buy this gun!

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