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R E V I E W S from

Specialist Stian2509 from Manson, WA

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Average of 4.75 reviewed by 4 people

Umarex/KWC Elite Force 1911A1 CO2 Full Metal Blow Back Airsoft Pistol


2 out of 3 people found the following review helpful:

Reviewer: Stian2509 from Manson, WA

This 1911 is the best Airsoft replica I have seen during my years of Airsofting, as it has power, range and durability. The blow back feature gives this gun an awesome kick, and makes it a fun gun to shoot.
I recommend the usage of .28g bbs at 30 feet or more as this makes the gun more accurate at long range, and it lowers the fps to ca. 340 fps(with .20g bbs the fps gets very high and nearly exceeds the fps limit for outdoor skirmishes). As the magazine capacity is 15 rounds, I recommend you buy some extra mags to give you some extra firepower if you end up in a hot spot during a skirmish. My overall rating of this gun: 9/10


range magazine capacity
kick a bit pricy, but worth it!
high velocity( 340 w/.28g)

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