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Colonel matchgrade from North Easton, MA

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Average of 4.43 reviewed by 539 people

UHC M9 US Military Heavy Airsoft Spring Pistol Black


68 out of 76 people found the following review helpful:

4 out of 5- A Good Gun for 20 bucks,
Reviewer: matchgrade from North Easton, MA

Since this is my first airsoft gun, I was surprised at the realism of airsoft in general to real weapons. The UHC M9 is very realistic in design, although the trade–marks are slightly off. The texture of the grips are nice, as the gun doesn’t slip even with sweaty palms. The slide is a slightly different color from the body of the gun, diminishing the realism though (it is also the only external part on the gun). The gun appears to be plasticky, but then again, it is a sub-25 dollar pistol. For the price, the appearance definitely earns a 7/10.

The UHC M9 functions very well, especially for a 20 dollar pistol. With .2 gram bbs, I can hit a man-sized target at 90 feet with a couple shots (keep in mind I’ve only played indoors). The pre-aligned iron sights are wonderful, and easy to use in a well lighted area. While they don’t work very well in the dark, it is just a simple matter of painting little white dots on the iron sights so that they are more visible. The safety works nicely. When pushed on and off, it clicks into place. The working hammer is very useful. When the gun is loaded, the hammer stays cocked, letting you know that your pistol is ready to fire. The pistol clips hold over 20 rounds, so a spare clip really isn’t optional. My friend who also has one proposes that you top off your clip when under fire, first cocking the pistol (it fires with no magazine in it), then dropping the clip and adding a few bbs. The downside to the mags is that you must thumb in each round. However, there are never any problems of the rounds shooting out by accidentally pressing a button. From other reviews I’ve read online (since I have nothing to compare the M9 too), the pull is of medium length and weight. Overall function: 9/10

The M9 has always performed well for me. However, they are fragile. Out of the four my friends have bought, two are now broken. One was dropped, and the slide cracked, and mine was broke when my gun slide didn't come all the way forward after I cocked the pistol in the middle of a fire-fight, so when I fired it, it broke. The ones that still work work beautifully, making perfect side-arms for the AEGs and spring rifles that we have. For when it works (for the price), I give it a 10/10, but since they’re fragile, the score drops down to 8/10.

Final Thoughts
I’d recommend the M9 to anyone who wants to play airsoft but is on a budget. For 20 dollars, you get a moderately realistic weapon that functions well, being very accurate and reliable. Any veterans who want a good side-arm for their AEG or sniper rifle and doesn’t want to break the bank, or any new players who are just getting into the game, this is a very good choice if you’re careful.

Reliable when it works

Seems to be fragile on solid floors
A slightly plasticky look
Trade-marks slightly off

Overall score: 8/10

(Thanks to William Hogben who reminded me of all the little things I forgot)

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