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Colonel apagel from knoxville, TN

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Average of 3.70 reviewed by 86 people

HFC Magnum Combat Gas Airsoft Revolver Silver


56 out of 62 people found the following review helpful:

4 out of 5- a decent gas gun for a good value,
Reviewer: apagel from knoxville, TN

Performance- Shoots hard, although the accuracy is limited due to barrel length. Pick up the 6" for better accuracy. The barrel on mine is slightly crooked to the left so you may have to tilt your hand just a little bit. However the adjustible sights somewhat fix this annoyance. Comes with 6 shells and a 24 round cylinder (4 shots in each shell), and brass plated shells that fire one shot each. I've noticed that the metal shells fire MUCH harder than the cylinder rounds, however the cylinder rounds are by no means weak. Gas capacity is less than ideal; this thing chugs more gas than an SUV, so use it in moderation if possible.

Looks- This is what both hurts and helps the gun. The barrel is solid metal and looks amazing, but the rest of the gun is a clear white plastic with a silver coating that looks like a child applied the paint. I know it's white plastic because THE PAINT RUBS OFF THE GUN. If you drop this thing, expect the paint to come off. But man, does it look real from a distance. DO NOT CARRY THIS GUN IN PUBLIC, it looks that real, especially with the metal shells.

Handling- It's a revolver, so you'll have to get used to the chamber turning to hone your aim. Or if you don't want to practice, you can cock the gun with the hammer to steady your aim. The grip is comfortable, but very loose. It feels as if you could shake the grip off the gun.

Overall- Shoots hard, a blast to play around with, and the performance is more than I expected from a gun with a $50 price tag. General areas need improvement, such as the paint job on the non-metal parts, and the gas capacity. But for $50, it gets the job done.

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