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R E V I E W S from

Major General cyberfox00653 from Lake Charles, LA

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Average of 4.76 reviewed by 147 people

UTG Delta Elite Cross Draw Vest Black Right Handed


55 out of 59 people found the following review helpful:

5 out of 5- A Much Needed Purchase,
Reviewer: cyberfox00653 from Lake Charles, LA

Heyaz, Peepz

I recently bought this vest from another site, my apologies to ShortyUSA in advance for this, so lets move on.

When i play airsoft, i only use a bullet proof replica swat vest, one combo right MP5/pistol thigh pouch and a left M16 thigh pouch pouch for my G36 mags. But i recently bought two Heavy HFC 33 from ShortyUSA, i needed another pouch. And since all my pouches are thigh pouches, i couldnt get a thigh holester.

And a belt holster or leg holster would'a looked tacky. Then i thought, why not a vest? So i scoured the internet from site to site looking for cetain things, among them; Cost, Color, Style, Effectivness, Versatility and Load Bearing Capacity. And honestly, i would have NEVER considered THIS vest as an option.

Until! I recived a news letter on airsoft and in it was a picture, price and discription of this very vest and for some reason; i could actually see it over my vest visually and i didnt really think it clashed at all. Which was my first reason for disgust in this vest...^-^ i know, leave me alone.

:3 I got it in the mail yesterday and ever since i'v been bugging ppl with it....Everything that ShortyUSA said is the bottom line. Though they left out on thing- Its right shoulder is a sniper shoulder pad. It helps cushion the butt of the rifle against yer right shoulder.

And if you got those rifles that rock you around, a padded shoulder is perfect.

I luv it, i luv it, i luv it. ^-^ also, its inner pouches can support a H2O Bladder pouch....>:3 just thought you should know.


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Average of 4.94 reviewed by 321 people

Universal Nicad/NiMH Smart Charger


49 out of 54 people found the following review helpful:

5 out of 5- The Best Upgrade For An Upgrade,
Reviewer: cyberfox00653 from Lake Charles, LA

Heyaz, Peepz

To turn an upgraded spring, you need an upgraded gear. And for an upgraded gear, your gonna need an upgraded motor. To power ALL of that, yer gonna need a strong battery. To charge that stronger battery- :3 yer gonna need this effective little accessory.

Trickle chargers, charge at a rate of 300 to 400 Mah an hour. So to charge a 3300 MaH battery- i wont even bother.

Needless to say, for the price, it adds convinience to your battery, makeing it available on almost an hourly basis. Get it and you will be very happy.

It features the set it and forget it designe and will even charge Nickle Cadmium batteries (NiCad).

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Average of 4.59 reviewed by 39 people

UTG Covert Ops Dual Pistol Case


33 out of 38 people found the following review helpful:

5 out of 5- Honesty,
Reviewer: cyberfox00653 from Lake Charles, LA

I named this review 'Honesty' because i DO NOT own this item. But i did get a chance to look this case up and down because my brother bought one for myself.

I was very jealous when he got it. This is made by UTG and when UTG puts their effort into something, they can make an excellent product. This is one of those products.

Its stitched double for extra strength. My brother dropped his completly filled with his two glocks and 8 mags (1 in each gum) on a concrete floor and it did not harm a single item inside. The bb's blew out of one of the mags but i think that was because of the force of impact.

This is relativly cheap and would make an awesome present for someone you know in need of a good pistol carry case. I reccomend this but its not a top priority buy. Its still a good idea, tho'


*gives it a 5 for good effort*

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MK1 GNB-601
Average of 4.59 reviewed by 165 people

KJW Mk.1 Gas Non Blow Back Airsoft Pistol


28 out of 36 people found the following review helpful:

4 out of 5- What can i say? Get It!! @w@,
Reviewer: cyberfox00653 from Lake Charles, LA

This gun is truly a cannon. There are currently two versions of this gun available. The MK1. and the MK2.- the MK2 a pistol/sniper rifle. As far as the MK.1 is concerned, i have mixed feelings, but i wont be biased.

This gun doesnt require a long review. It has a good range, a nice price tag, gets over 50 rnds per mag refill, fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, a decent accuracy, has a low drop in velocity, fits in any standard pistol holster and looks great with a silencer. I exceptionaly love how you cock it. the slide grips are on the very back of the gun and pull back smoothly.

I have a few problems with it. Two are more cosmetic than anything but one is desperatly important.

The trigger pull is atleast 15lb's or more!!!
Takeing the magazine out requires two hands

The hop-up is held in place with a screw and a rubber o-ring. If you loosen it too much, it will pop out and you have to strip the gun to put it back in place (or maybe to find that it has broken). Either way, be careful.

Aside from those ONLY three minor problems- i belive this gun should sell out everytime it comes instock. Also? You are better off buying this gun at Shorty's. I cant seem to find it cheaper else where that doesnt r*pe you on the shipping.

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Average of 4.59 reviewed by 1327 people

UTG M324 Gen 5 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Black


5 out of 10 people found the following review helpful:

3 out of 5- Inexpensive Alternative,
Reviewer: cyberfox00653 from Lake Charles, LA

Two things, Elites

This is all for the noobs, because you all already know this.

Heyaz, peeps

Before i go on; no i do not own this rifle. But one of my best bois managed to get up a little change to drop on this 'hot' item and it came just today- and after what i witnessed, i couldnt help but want to write a review.

Everyone claims UTG is synonymous with cheap-airsoft in the litteral sense that we all want more bang for our buck and UTG does deliver. But we need to remember that 'more bang for you buck' doesnt mean quality and build, just performance. All UTG guns WILL perform, but will never excel their more expensive counterparts.

But remember, elites. This is a cheaper alternative for those who cant afford to play the sport as hardcore as you. I always say "the more the merrier" and we cant complain just because we have new players but with crappy gear. ^-^ catch 'em in the head for vengance like i do.

With that said, To The gun!

When i checked it out, it does indeed resemble a Maruzen APS2. The body is made of rigid plasic and has a nice heft. The outter barrel and chamber seem to be a metal alloy- i cant tell what kinda and i didnt want to chip my friends gun to see. And my friends rifle is chrono'ed at 290 with a .20 gram bb.

The bipod is INDEED a light weight alluminum build and fits to the rail underneet the barrel and can fold up under it as well for tight movement around corners. >:3 The action is very smooth and is a joy to cock. The cylinder inside cannot be opened, but it appears it can be replaced with an APS2 cylinder. And this could very well allow you to upgrade it. Im checking into that as we speak and will update you if i can.

Oh and a warning my friends, theres a rumor going around the gun doesnt work half the time. My best friends doesnt shoot half the time and he's seriously pissed. Then i got with my friends on the circuit and they seem to be having the same problem as well with theirs. Hopefully its these ppl not knowing how to operate it rather than a faulty made gun.

One more thing to add. Its great to see an advertisement for a gun thats cheap enough for you to afford and offers so many things along with promises of performance and stirs such a hype. But theres something that comes from saving just to get that really great gun. It takes a while to get 500 to spend on a full system, i know. But thats what it costs to play and when you buy cheaper alternatives, you lose in the end.

Cheap WILL perform but not even half as well as the others like Maruzen, Shoei, Tokyo Marui, CA and ICS. And if you really want pride in airsoft, you have to have one'a those.

All this in mind, i gave this gun a three for obvious reasons. See you peepz on the feild!


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Average of 4.89 reviewed by 1027 people

Airsoft Gun Lube


3 out of 4 people found the following review helpful:

5 out of 5- All Purpose,
Reviewer: cyberfox00653 from Lake Charles, LA

A;right, guyz

Heres the dirt. ^-^ If you want your gun to last, yer just gonna have to buy some of this magical spray. X3 And i wouldnt go as far as to say its magical, but for what it does for your gun, its defeniatly outta this world.

:3 Just got done cleaning out yer barrel and for some reason yer not getting as much velocity as you were BEFORE you cleaned it? Spray a little into the barrel and now yer gun is SLICKING bb's out.

If yer mag catch clicks into place sticky and sounds dry- spray some of this into the catch or bolt or slide and it'll work like a charm. It might even scare you.

I have personally never had a jam and im not certain wether or not it has anything to do with the fact i go thru five bottles of this stuff a year. :3 We'll find out soon enough!


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