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R E V I E W S from

Sergeant Eric.sauvageau from Bedford, NH

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Average of 4.73 reviewed by 11 people

Spare 380 rd High Cap Mag for Thompson AEG


1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful:

5 out of 5- Great mag,
Reviewer: Eric.sauvageau from Bedford, NH

This is a must have mag if you own a Thompson. I like this mag better than the drum mag or any other mag because of its size. the mag is relatively small so it's easier to carry around spare ones than with the drum mag. Also I like where the gear is to wind he mag; it makes it really easy to just wind while you're shooting so you can shoot until he mag itself is empty. Overall this is a great mag. The only problem with the mag is that it is too big for most mag pouches and vests so you would have to find one that would easily fit it.

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Average of 4.59 reviewed by 1327 people

UTG M324 Gen 5 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Black


2 out of 5- It's decent for the price,
Reviewer: Eric.sauvageau from Bedford, NH

I have this gun and first off I would like to say, it's just plain inaccurate. In order to get it to shoot straight you would have to use the heaviest bbs you could find which would make the gun around a hundred fps. The fps on this gun also isn't too good but it's okay. If you really wanna become a good sniper I would suggest one with a higher fps. Also gas snipers are more helpful because with this sniper, once you shoot one person, people immediately know there's a sniper nearby. However for the price this gun isn't too bad. It also depends on how you like to play. If you play in competitions I would not suggest this gun. However if you just play with a couple of your friends in the woods or in your backyard then yes this gun would be pretty good. But if you play competition I would highly suggest one with a higher fps so you can use heavier bbs and people will still notice when you shoot them. Overall this gun is okay and I would suggest it to beginners but no one else.

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