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ALL returning packages MUST have an RMA# displayed on the outside of the shipping box. To receive an RMA# please review our return and warranty policy below before filling out the RMA# request form at the bottom of the page.




If you are not satisfied with one of our products you may request a RMA# within 10 days of delivery for a refund. Products must be in new, unfired, unused condition with the unaltered orange tip. All packaging, papers and manuals must be with product and in new condition. Once an item has been used/fired it is considered in used condition and is NOT eligible for a refund. If the returned item does not meet these requirements the item will have to be shipped back at the customer's expense.

All refused or returned shipments will be refunded for the cost of the product minus a 15% restocking fee. Shipping will not be refunded. You will be refunded via the same payment method the product was purchased. The customer is responsible for shipping the product back.

If an order is undeliverable due to an incomplete address and is returned to shipper, the customer must pay additional shipping costs to have it resent. If your order was damaged during shipment please contact within 72 hours of delivery with your order number, name, and a description of how the order is damaged. Please keep all packaging material until instructed otherwise by UPS or Shorty USA Inc. You MUST submit your claim on a damaged shipment with Shorty USA within 72 hours of delivery.



All products come with a manufacturers warranty of 30 days unless otherwise stated. If an item breaks or malfunctions under normal use you may request a RMA# within 30 days of delivery and return the item with given RMA# for repair or replacement. Once a gun has been fired it is considered used and is NOT eligible for a refund. If due to lack of availability the item can not be replaced with the same model a store credit will be issued instead of replacement.

We do not issue prepaid shipping labels for warranty service. The customer is responsible for shipping the product to Shorty USA Inc. however we will cover the shipping of the serviced product back to you.

The warranty is void if the item is altered or abused (Examples: altering or removing the orange tip, disassembling, reusing BBs or shooting wrong type, weight or grade of BB, using paintballs or low quality BBs, dropping or mishandling the product).

Use of BBs found at local sporting goods stores (Wal-Mart, Dick.s, Sports Authority) will void all warranty on your airsoft gun. Those BBs are exceptionally low quality and will cause major issues with your airsoft gun. Please only get your BBs from dedicated airsoft shops or websites.

Some airsoft guns such as AEGs and Gas Guns require a specific grade of BBs known as High Polished. These are manufactured by such brands as KSC, Excel, Airsoft Elite, ECHO 1, TSD, Mad Bull, Tokyo Marui, Systema, Toy-tec, SIIS, Maruzen and Digicon. Use of any other brand in your AEG or Gas Gun will void its warranty. If you do not see your brand of BBs on this list please send an inquiry to technicalsupport@shortyusa.combefore attempting to use them.

If you take your gun apart the warranty is void! DO NOT take the gun apart or try to fix your gun unless under instruction from our service department.

Damage sustained during use in "war games" is not covered under warranty. In other words if you bought a car that was under warranty and ran it into a pole the dealership isn't going to fix your car due to your negligence; so if a gun is hit against a tree or damaged from opposing gunfire the manufacturer will not pay to repair or replace the gun.

The warranty on some items is covered by the manufacturer or importer and does not fall under the Shorty USA warranty. These items will need to be returned to the importer or manufacturer for repair or replacement. We do not issue prepaid shipping labels. The customer is responsible for shipping the product.

.The item I purchased did not work when I got it. Why do I have to pay to ship it back when it came to me broken?.

All returns need to be evaluated by a Certified Airsoft Gun Technician to eliminate possible user error. If, after the evaluation, it is determined that the item in question has a manufacturers defect causing it to be unoperable out of the box, in most cases you will be compensated for the return shipping in the form of a store credit or a gift certificate. Under no condition will a refund be issued for return shipping costs. Compensation will cover base ground shipping and excludes expedited delivery, additional packing, insurance fees or other non essential services.

Shorty USA makes every effort to be as reasonable as possible. For example if you have done something to your gun so that it is no longer covered under warranty please just tell us the truth and we will do our best to help you. We understand accidents do and will happen so please be as accurate as possible when explaining how your gun broke.


Altering or removing the orange tip from an airsoft gun will void its warranty. Federal law prohibits commercial sale or transport of an airsoft gun without orange safety markings. Any gun sent back with its orange tip altered or removed will be DESTROYED immediately with NO COMPENSATION to the customer. Any gun returned without an orange tip will be digitally photographed and documented as evidence for any further investigations.

If an item is returned due to obvious user error the item will have to be shipped back at the customer's expense so please work with us to insure the item really needs to be sent back.

Obvious user error can include but is not limited to:

Failure to take the gun off of safety before attempting to fire.
Failure to charge or change a guns dead battery.
Failure to correctly load or operate a guns magazine.
Failure to use correct grade or weight of BB.
Failure to use or correctly load gas into a gas gun.
Failure to operate a spring guns cocking mechanism correctly.
Failure to use only airsoft BBs as ammunition (rocks, beads and nails are not airsoft BBs!)


ALL returning packages MUST have an RMA number on the outside of the package. Any return without an RMA number on the outside of the package will result in a delay in processing for up to 3 months.

To receive an RMA number, please fill in the following information and press Submit. The RMA number will be emailed to the email address submitted within 2-3 business days. If you have lost your order number please write to with the full name and email address that the order was placed under and we will email it to you. Please make .Lost Order Number. as your subject.

Please be as detailed as possible when describing any problem you are having with an item. For example .it broke. is not an accepted reason for return. You can help us help you by giving us the location or name of a broken or missing part, describing the strange noise it is making or how it isn.t shooting properly. not mind readers so any bit of information you can give us is greatly appreciated. When possible we will help you troubleshoot the issue you are having. More often than not the issue can be resolved without the need to return anything.

Once you receive your RMA# the email will explain where to send the package and how the RMA will be processed once it arrives. If you have questions or concerns about how the RMA will be processed please reply to that email. DO NOT send additional notes back with the return changing your request. This will delay the processing of your RMA for up to 3 months.


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Reason for return:
If you are contacting us about a broken or malfunctioning item please provide a detailed description of the problem to aid our technicians in evaluating the problem.

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* AOL users and users using parental control: parental control filters might screen out confirmation emails by ShortyUSA. Switch off your parental control or use a different email address.