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Umarex/Ares H&K G36KV AEG Airsoft Rifle Blow Back (FDE)

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)


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Manufactured by Heckler & Koch the G36 was designed as the new battle rifle for the German army to replace the aging G3. Chambered for the high velocity 5.56x45 NATO round the design of new the H&K rifle took a severely different path from previous models as it was constructed almost entirely out of reinforced polymer. This rifle first entered service in the mid 90s and is still in service today with the German army as well as other elite law enforcement and military units around the world.

This airsoft replica is manufactured by Ares and features fully licensed H&K trademarks through Umarex USA. The G36KV is the mid sized rifle in the G36 family which with a 15.75 inch barrel is comparable in size to an M4. Faithfully following the design of the real steel this rifle is constructed with a polymer body and has the exact same weight as its real steel counterpart. Even those who are not familiar with the G36 will find this rifle comfortable and easy to use. Being fully ambidextrous this rifle is perfect for the left or right handed shooter with a centrally located magazine release and both left and right hand selector switches. Its unique 4 point collapsible stock, which is only found on exported V series rifles, also folds and locks to the right side of the rifles body which greatly reduces the overall size of the rifle and makes it very adaptable to varying battlefield situations. The KV model also features a 3X power scope with an authentic H&K reticle integrated into its carry handle. Atop the scope is a 3 inch accessory rail which is ideal for the attachment of a micro red dot sight.

Externally the Ares G36 is esthetically pleasing and very detailed however things really start to get interesting once you begin sending rounds downrange. That is because this rifle is equipped with a tow hook blow back system that not only replicates the action of a real firearm but also produces a noticeable amount of recoil. Squeeze off a round and the rifles bolt and charging handle will kick to the rear just like the real thing. Surprisingly this produces enough recoil that you do have to make a conscious effort to keep your muzzle on target when unloading a full auto burst making for some awesome shooting fun. And, if you are not really a fan of the electric blow back, it can be easily disengaged by removing three body pins, separating the lower receiver and pushing the tow hook to the rear of its track before reassembling.

Ares uses a full metal Version 3 gearbox in their rifle which has undergone some rather ingenious modifications. These include a revolutionary quick change spring system which enables you unlock a specially designed spring guide and swap out the rifles spring through the rear of the gearbox. The spring guide can be accessed after simply removing a body pin and does not require the removal of the gearbox. To aid in this process they incorporated a piston release lever into the rifles bolt catch which when depressed will allow the piston to travel to its forward most position to decompress the spring as much as possible. They also radically departed from the age old trigger contact design and fitted their gearbox with a sealed, one piece snap switch just like those found on a CA M249. Even with these unique features the gearbox is still compatible with most aftermarket upgrade parts for its piston, cylinder and gear sets. Although, the rifle comes set up pretty well as standard. It uses steel gears with the sector and spur gears running on solid steel 7mm bushings for added durability while the bevel gear runs on low drag 7mm bearing bushings for maximum efficiency. It has a half metal tooth polycarb piston with a polycarb piston head that seals exceptionally well for amazing compression.

Overall this rifle is an awesome performer with loads of features which you will not find together on any other rifle. That along with being licensed by Heckler & Koch makes this a must have for any airsoft enthusiast.

Please note: Unlike traditional AEGs this rifle has a 14mm CW (clockwise) threaded muzzle.

If you are getting one of your first AEGs please take a moment and read the following Hints and Tips for AEG owners.

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  • Operation: Electric Blow Back
  • Fire mode/s: Semi / Full Auto
  • Muzzle velocity: 440 fps w/ .2g
  • Effective range: 180 feet
  • Rate of fire: 700 RPM
  • Ammo type: High polished .2g to .28g
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Magazine capacity: 420 rds (Wind Up High Capacity Magazine)
  • Length: 25 inches (folded), 32.5 - 35.5 inches
  • Battery: 8.4v or 9.6v, mini or Nun-Chuck type
  • Motor type: Short Shaft Type
  • Inner barrel: 365mm
  • Comes with orange tip: Molded Plastic
  • Battery and Charger NOT included.

    This Umarex product comes with a 60 day warranty provided by Umarex USA. Warranty repair or replacement on this item must go through the Umarex service center and does not fall under the Shorty USA warranty.

    Click for more information on the Umarex LIMITED 60 DAY WARRANTY.

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    Umarex/Ares H&K G36KV AEG Airsoft Rifle Blow Back (FDE) - Quantity:


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    Reviewer: stoner24
    Rank: PVT
    Location: Endeavor, WI
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    5 out of 5- Beast

    I've had this gun for about 6 months and let me tell you: this thing is amazingly powerful and accurate. The Ares internals are really well done. The gearbox is very solid and is easy to take out of the gun. I do enjoy the blowback feature, but I personally disable it due to it killing your battery quicker. The reticle on the scope is very cool and gives you a good amount of zoom to look downrange. I use .25g due to the consistency of the accuracy and power. I use it in all my weapons and I highly recommend that weight if you have an assault rifle. This is definitely one of my personal favorites to use because of the high quality built in this gun and the power and accuracy it provides in every shot.

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