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WELL BAR-10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)


$ 119.99

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Average of 4.50 reviewed by 20 people
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The WELL BAR-10 is a clone of the Marui VSR-10 and is compatible with its aftermarket upgrade parts. These rifles are arguably some of the most upgradeable sniper rifles available today making it possible for them to achieve astounding performance with very little work. This sleek bolt action WELL BAR-10 is a pretty amazing out-of-the-box performer for its modest price tag. Producing 445 fps at the muzzle this rifle can connect with targets out to 60 yards while emitting merely a whisper. The rifle is so quiet that from the business end the only sound you normally hear is the whistle of the BB slicing through the air just a millisecond before impact. Thanks to a high quality rock solid barrel and one of the smoothest pulling triggers we have ever seen on a stock rifle the WELL BAR-10 is capable of impressive accuracy even at its maximum range.

As far as construction it is no small wonder why the BAR-10 makes such a good sniper platform. Parts which are typically made from plastic on most rifles such as the trigger housing and hop-up unit are cast in metal on the BAR-10. The barrel threads perfectly into the receiver so it is rock solid with no barrel wobble. The rifles oversized polished chrome cylinder is fitted with a brass cylinder head and can easily be disassembled for maintenance/upgrades in a matter of minutes with only the use of household tools. The rifle weighs a comfortable 4.25 lbs so it is a very easy to maneuver in the field even after adding a scope and bi-pod. Metal parts include the barrel, receiver, bolt, bolt handle, safety, trigger and sling mounts.

This rifle does require limited assembly when you get it. You will need to install the stock into the barrel which is accomplished by tightening only two screws.

Comes with: 120 rd speed loader.

Shown with but not included: UTG TACTEDGE 4X40 Mil-Dot Red/Green Illuminated Scope and UTG Low Profile Weaver RAIL Bi-Pod.

Please Note: Due to safety concerns, WELL has installed an air brake in the nozzle of the BAR-10 cylinder head to reduce its muzzle velocity. For those of you who wish to restore their rifle to its full power potential, the air brake can easily be removed in a matter of minutes. Click to view WELL BAR-10 Assembly and Air Brake modification instructions.

If you are getting one of your first Sniper Rifles please take a moment and read the following Hints and Tips for Sniper Rifles.

Please click on the orange hyperlinks to view more information!
  • Operation: Spring
  • Fire mode/s: Manual cocking
  • Muzzle velocity: 445 fps w/ .2g (265 fps w/ air brake)
  • Effective range: 180 feet
  • Ammo type: .25g to .4g
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Weight: 4.25 lbs
  • Magazine capacity: 31 rds
  • Locking slide: No
  • Open ejection port: No
  • Length: 42.25 inches
  • Comes with orange tip

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    WELL BAR-10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Quantity:


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    Reviewer: Ferraro B22
    Rank: GEN
    Location: Rancho santa margarita, CA
    read all my reviews
    12 out of 16 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- BAR-10 sniper rifle

    This is a great gun at a great price, and unlike most reviewers that will write a review, I have owned this gun for a few months and it has helped me win many battles. My AEG simply doesn't have this range. Or FPS. Now on to the Pros/Cons.

    Quiet as ****!
    Adjustable hop-up
    Can use .28s
    Nice metal content/parts
    Comes with Weaver rails
    Mag cap (for that size? Damn that's small)
    Mags are cheap
    Springs are easy to maintain and last a long time
    Not too heavy, and lighter is better when you snipe - one shot, then leave.
    Comes with a speed loader

    Mags are hard to hold together. i duck tape 2 back to back so i just turn the mag around then keep shooting
    Some installation required
    Doesn't come with a scope (but hey most people have one)

    Great for beginner or hardcore sniper. Make sure to buy it here - i bought it at a place that charged $150 for it. Even if you don't like sniping you can get it for your friends to use.

    What i would use if i was you(and what i do use and want):

    Poor man's stuff:

    UTG 4X32 mil-dot scope: $35
    Extra mag: $7
    Bar-10: $120
    TOTAL: $142 S/H

    Good sniper:

    UTG TACTEDGE 3-9X32 Mil-Dot Red/Green Illuminated Scope: $50
    3 Mags: $24
    UTG Weaver clamp on bi-pod: $30
    BAR-20: $120
    TOTAL: $224 S/H

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    Reviewer: T8TRG8TR
    Rank: COL
    Location: Raleigh, NC
    read all my reviews
    7 out of 7 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- A great gun, I need to clear up a few things though...

    Okay first of all I would like to say this is a great gun. Shooting stock will still get you fairly decent accuracy/range. However after reading some of these reviews, a few things need to be made clear.

    1 - I'm not sure who it was who said it, but this gun does not cost $150 most places, in fact it usually costs a little over $100. Still, I would suggest buying from shorty because they have great customer service.

    2- You cannot bring this gun to a legit game and expect to snipe with it. It was designed to be an upgrade platform, and really shouldn't be used stock.

    3- Someone said that you can get 200 feet out of this stock. I'd say shorty's estimate is right at about 180 feet, but that'd be pushing it.

    So just to note a few things about the gun itself, it has a great rubbery finish, is very light so it won't wear down on you, and can be upgraded to about 550 fps with a tightbore for about $150. So basically if you buy this gun and the right upgrades, you'll have a competition ready sniper for under $300. So if you're at all interested in sniping, this gun is the gun for you.


    -Fairly accurate stock
    -Great finish
    -Amazing platform


    -Not that great stock
    -Pretty low fps stock, but easily upgraded

    Conclusion: Buy it if you want to start sniping.

    P.S. In actuality, this is the best stock sniper for under $150. There are plenty of guns around 480 fps but they really won't be any better. So get this!

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    Reviewer: Chewbubblegum
    Rank: BG
    Location: -----------------------------, AL
    read all my reviews
    5 out of 6 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Backyard plinking at its finest.

    While I do not currently have this gun anymore, it was my 7th Airsoft gun and it lasted me all of 3 years. It was a quick, reliable gun that was probably the BEST backyard plinking gun I've ever owned. And i have the UTG shotgun.

    It has an incredibly modest price. The only other great deal close to this is the MP5's shorty is selling. However, they have less range.

    This gun is accurate. I mean VERY accurate. You don't need to sight the scope THAT much to make this dead-on accurate.
    Firing this gun is very very silent, and the bolt is quick and efficient.
    The construction is VERY very durable, and it did not break the 3 years i had it.

    I would recommend this to backyard plinkers, as you DO NOT want to really get a cheap sniper for a war. You'll only be out shot. Still, this is an efficient gun, and i'm sure it could outdo some AEG's you'll find in wars.

    I am very glad shorty is finally selling these. Really, really glad.

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    Reviewer: Beowulf
    Rank: LTG
    Location: JONESBOROUGH, TN
    read all my reviews
    3 out of 9 people rated the following review helpful:

    2 out of 5- Best sniper

    When I first got this gun I noticed the great feel it had - no wobble at all - VERY solid platform. It beats any other budget sniper by a long shot. The fps is better, the mag cap gives you 6 more shots than the utg, and this is WAY more accurate. Another very nice thing is that, as shorty said, this is an amazing upgrade platter. Mine is totally pimped out with all kinds of top quality upgrades. The other day at a match I achieved a 325 foot headshot (no joke). However I will give you all my specs on my other stock model and then my upgraded one.

    Stock specs.

    Fps 420 Rating 9/10
    Accuracy 10/10 VERY accurate
    Noise 10/10 Silent
    durability 10/10 It's not going to break
    Feel 10/10
    RANGE 200 feet 10/10

    My upgraded one is shooting 600 fps and about 350 feet.

    so in conclusion, if you are thinking about becoming a serious sniper buy this.

    It is great stock and if upgraded will be the best on the field.

    Please rate.

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    Reviewer: juddman
    Rank: MG
    Location: blairsville, GA
    read all my reviews
    3 out of 6 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- JG BAR-10

    This gun is a great beginner sniper because it's upgradeable. This is a "cheaper" version of the tokyo-marui brand BAR-10. It's the image of a sniper that we think of when sniper pops into our head.



    -Comes with Weaver Rail

    -Comes with iron sights


    -Mag Cap






    I placed weight and FPS under both because the weight is not as heavy if you like a more realistic weight or if you like the portability. The FPS is under there because it's great for a sniper beginner but if you get to more of the experienced games, you could possibly be at a disadvantage. Overall a great gun by Jing Gong.


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    Reviewer: Maximas1992
    Rank: MG
    Location: Sewell, NJ
    read all my reviews
    2 out of 6 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- love it.

    ... it is great. I put an m150 spring in it and put lub in it, and it shoots like 500 fps. There are so many upgrades to do with this gun, it rocks. Also it comes with iron sights, which i use sometimes because i don't really like scopes (it takes longer to lock in on the target).

    That's it.

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    Reviewer: rtonole
    Rank: LTC
    Location: Tigard, OR
    read all my reviews
    2 out of 5 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- !

    I used to be a rifleman on my team, but with this baby I'm the new sniper. with 420 fps this thing has some distance. i shot my friend's neck from 70 ft away and it left a quarter sized welt. here are the pros and cons.





    price considering what you get


    weight, may be too light for some people

    so go get your soon-to-be favorite gun ever!

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    Reviewer: twoarmy
    Rank: MG
    Location: Rochester, NY
    read all my reviews
    2 out of 6 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- VSR-10

    While I do not actually own the JG model of this gun, I own the Tokyo Marui version of it, and this is an exact replica.

    This is a nice, sleek looking sniper rifle. While it may not have the fancy look of a Tanaka M700, ARES DSR-1, or the Mauser SR, it does have a very nice, classic M24 look. The stock is made out of ABS plastic and has a matte black finish. The gun also comes with a rubber butt pad, and to make it look even better, I suggest getting a cheek rest that's either MOLLE style, or holds fake rounds. The bolt is nice in that the end of it is flat, rather than a ball, which makes for a nice, smooth, quiet reload. Now one thing that you can get for it is an outer barrel. A company named 2Roy makes a fluted outer barrel, and while it is not necessary, it makes the gun look very nice.

    Now this gun, out of the box, at 420 fps stated, shoots much faster than the TM, at 290 fps stock, but, it has the same potential for the wide variety of aftermarket upgrades. When it was both upgraded, and non-upgraded, this gun was amazingly smooth, accurate, and had tight groupings. Now if you're serious about using this gun as a sniper rifle though, I recommend upgrading it, and it is going to cost a little bit of money. One of the best things you can do, is to get the Prometheus 430mm precision tight bore inner barrel. Also, PDI makes in my opinion the best internal upgrade kits for this gun. They make a bore-up cylinder set and a bore-up reinforced trigger. You're also going to want to get a higher power spring into it whether it be a Laylax 170, or a Element M145. With the upgrades I have in mine, I'm shooting a consistent 560 ( I do have other spring to lower the fps if ever needed though) fps with a lubrication before use.

    This sniper rifle is hands down one of the best once you upgrade it. It's also a considerably quieter sniper rifle compared to others. I highly suggest getting this gun whether you get this model, the TM version, or the HFC version.


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    Reviewer: FingerBag
    Rank: MG
    Location: Fullerton, CA
    read all my reviews
    2 out of 3 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Great gun...If you know what to do with it.

    I liked this gun out of the box, but more importantly, all the great upgrades that I could throw into it.

    A friend of mine decided to get this gun along with a good spring and asked for help getting it in there. Usually it's a terrible idea if you don't know what you're doing, but thankfully we're anal when it comes to measurements and the like(not AS easy as it sounds if you've ever tried installing a non pre-cut spring)...

    Taking a shot out of the box was nice, similar to the M324 as far as how the BB moved...Perhaps a little slower. Then we put the spring in, and... Now it's like the MK96. My friend can't wait for the new mods to arrive.

    Needless to say, as opposed to a lot of other guns out there, this thing is crazy upgradeable. I'd recommend this gun for veterans only, so for those of you who are looking for a gun that requires no hassle and shoots great right out of the box (with just a few outside mods ex: scope, etc...) go with a different gun.

    Specs on the gun we got (after spring):
    Power: (utg) MK96 in comparison(about 470-480 /w .2)
    Accuracy: at about 50ft:nickel 80ft:quarter,about an inch 120ft: 1 and a half to 2 inches (.28s look nice with this)
    Range:You can get up to 200 with a .2, but the groupings were a little more than torso sized, effective is about 180ft.

    The feel is good, and size is great. This gun is very similar to the MK96 after some key mods. If I had to ring up some cons, I could only really say that if I bought a bi-pod and an extra mag the spring... It costs about the same as the MK96 with no real difference. The one con I have no problems with is the weight... It's light, but if you're actually firing the gun it's gonna be resting on something... But if you're going for realism, you can always mod it =)

    Great gun for upgrades and veterans that can deliver, get it if you know what you're doing.


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    Reviewer: Erik Nolan
    Rank: CSM
    Location: Acton, MA
    read all my reviews
    1 out of 7 people rated the following review helpful:

    4 out of 5- I might DIEificate!

    ARGGH! If only i had waited sooner to purchase a sniper rifle. I had recently bought the UHC Super 9 with the intent of upgrading the gun by adding a new spring and spring guide. I bought the gun, and checked the arms room, like today. 25% off. i went upstairs and shot myself in the foot for being so impatient. Then this sweet baby comes out. It's flippin' sweet and fairly compact. It has a sort of rubbery texture and unlike the S9, has rails already installed on it. My foot is pretty swollen from the .2 i sent into it with my S9 and i plan on buying this ASAP. Good buy and solid construction and exceptional performance. Get it, or shoot yourself in the foot.

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