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PolarStar Fusion Engine Kit V2 GEN 3

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)


$ 499.99

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Please ensure you are purchasing the proper Fusion Engine prior to checking out. This is the Version 2 Fusion Engine designed for use with Version 2 Gearbox based AEGs.

The Fusion Engine is a solenoid driven, electronically controlled, HPA powered, drop-in replacement for an AEGs gearbox. Never again will you have to deal with the headache of stripped pistons, broken gears, snapped tappet plates or late nights spent retuning and reshimming your rifle before a game. This system gives you the ability to easily adjust literally every aspect your rifles performance allowing it to fulfill several different roles in one reliable, easy to use package.

If you would like more information on this system, please read our in-depth FAQ on the PolarStar Fusion Engine and the PR-15 EPAR.

Additional information can be found on the PolarStar Airsoft website at

Key features of the Fusion Engine
  • Designed, manufactured and built in the U.S.A..
  • Assembled from CNC machined aluminum components.
  • New GEN3 design now interfaces with AEG triggers and selector plates for cross compatibility with many different models.
  • Capable of functioning in damp and sub-freezing climates without affecting performance or reliability.
  • User selectable Semi/Full Auto, Semi Auto Only and Variable Burst modes.
  • Open Bolt and Closed Bolt firing modes.
  • Independently adjustable velocity and cyclic rate.
  • Auto Switch mode allows for proper selector configuration for specific models.
  • Interchangeable air nozzles to shift the velocity adjustment range up or down.
  • Adjustable nozzle dwell and return to battery times to optimize feeding from any magazine.
  • Easy to use Fire Control Unit (FCU) with LCD display and five position joystick.
  • Uniform shot-to-shot air volume discharge allows for unmatched velocity consistency.
  • Instantaneous trigger response. Faster than an AEG with a Li-po!
  • Interfaces with stock AEG barrel/hop-chamber allowing for aftermarket barrel upgrades and the use of traditional AEG magazines.

    Required for operation: Complete TM Spec AEG rifle (less gearbox and motor), Air Rig, HPA Tank, Battery

    (CO2 and Propane cannot be used to power the Fusion Engine™. Using liquid propellants such as this can result in damage to the system.)

    This PolarStar product comes with a 6 month warranty provided by PolarStar Airsoft. Warranty repair or replacement on this item must go through the PolarStar service center and does not fall under the Shorty USA warranty.

    Click for more information on the PolarStar LIMITED 6 MONTH WARRANTY.

    ©2013 Shorty USA Inc. Property of Shorty USA Inc. Duplication for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.

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    PolarStar Fusion Engine Kit V2 GEN 3 - Quantity:


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    Reviewer: airsoftmaster315
    Rank: BG
    Location: La Palma, CA
    read all my reviews

    5 out of 5- Polarstar. Totally worth it.

    Hello everyone. I purchased this a while back, and let me tell you how great it is. I play at Tac City South in CA, and t]a cross field shot is nearly impossible for mose AEGs (Excess of 400ft).However, with the right optic, I can give someone a double tap on the face from across the field, diagonally. (approx 700ft) with my Prometheus barrel assemble set (Barrel, bucking, hopup) with only a 363mm inner barrel. Why is that? It's because the Fusion engine doesn't run off of a standard battery. Well, it kind of does. The power itself comes from an air rig, consisting of a tank (usually 3000 or 4500psi) and a regulator (120psi maximum) which has a line that leads to the pistol grip of your gun. People say, "That's dumb" "The tank is going to be a pain" and "This isn't going anywhere with this technology". Well, none of those people are right. In fact, this is GENIUS. The technology is advanced without being complicated. Moving on, the tank isn't a bother at all. I carry mine in a camelbak and it is just like carrying water. The tube to the gun feeds over my shoulder, where it leads straight to my gun. I can still switch sides of my gun from righty to lefty easily, the tube never gets in the way. The only thing I don't recommend is running the tank in a dump pouch. Once I sat down to avoid a swarm of plastic (From another P* user) that had been sent at me. The tank hit the cement floor, disconnecting the line from the tank. When I stood back up to shoot, I aim, and pull the trigger, nothing happens. I need to call myself out to connect the line again. Other than that, I've never had problems with it.

    About the technology, it runs off of a very small LiPo battery (250mah) that is about the size of a quarter. That powers a computer that allows you to adjust your personal settings.(Rate of fire, FPS, so on.)Some of the settings, like Poppet dwell, I never adjusted. Just so you all know, the battery NEEDS to have a JST connector or else it won't work with the computer.

    Overall, The gun benefits more that is loses. Here's a list of pros and cons for all of you that didn't bother to read the top part.

    1. Rate of fire (Anywhere from 8 rounds per second to 78 rounds per second)
    2. Accuracy (4" grouping from 200ft with a 6.04 barrel.)
    3. Weight (Due to my Combat machine body)
    4. Range (700ft effective w/ 363mm tightbore)
    5. Adjustability
    6. Creativity (Build it however you want it.)
    7. Battery size (Fits in an m4 buffer tube along with the computer.)
    8. Convertibility (Swap a Stubby upper for a DMR upper.
    9. Ease of use
    10. Get the tank filled at any paintball or scuba store
    12. My tank gets filled to 2700psi for $3 and it lasts up to 15,000 shots. Imagine if I filled it to 4500psi?

    Price for some (Spent $947 USD on mine and I already had a full set of externals.)
    Size for some (That'd be your fault though. Why would you build it too big for yourself?)

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