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Condor Ops Chest Rig (Black)

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)

$ 26.99

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Average of 4.75 reviewed by 4 people
This item has 4 customer reviews
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This lightweight, low profile, high performance MOLLE chest rig from Condor is perfect for recon missions or if you are operating in hot environments. Constructed out of durable nylon this chest rig is configured with a 21x8.5 inch MOLLE chest panel and padded cross-back shoulder straps. The straps secure at the front with traditional buckles and at the back with swivel push button release buckles. Both the shoulder straps and the waist strap are fully adjustable to fit most adult sizes. Integrated into each end of the chest panel is a single open top magazine pouch with elastic keeper which can hold up to one AK-47 magazine each.

  • Low profile, lightweight design promotes agility and keeps you cool.
  • MOLLE chest panel accepts a wide range of optional pouches and accessories.
  • Cross-back shoulder straps are lightly padded with breathable mesh.
  • Internal 7x11 inch map pocket and additional mesh pocket.
  • 2 concealed magazine pouches on each end of the chest panel hold 1 rifle mag each.
  • Adjustable in height and girth to fit most adult sizes.

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    Condor Ops Chest Rig (Black) - Quantity:

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    Reviewer: owenglowacki
    Rank: LTC
    Location: Centreville, VA
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    2 out of 2 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Great for a cqb vest.

    I recently got this chest rig from the shorty store and I am so glad I got this instead of a full vest. It has a lot of MOLLE space but it is much smaller then a full vest. It is also half the price of the condor vest. If you're looking for any kind of MOLLE rig, this is your best option.

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    Reviewer: the hatchet man
    Rank: LTC
    Location: greenville, SC
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    1 out of 1 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- awesome

    i just got mine a few weeks ago, and i love it. it's a lot smaller than the utg vest i have and a bit lighter also. it's easy to run with even full of ammo. the options you can have with this is a lot more than a regular tac vest.

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    Reviewer: Erik Nolan
    Rank: CSM
    Location: Acton, MA
    read all my reviews

    4 out of 5- The rig

    I got this in the middle of New Englad's Narnia-esque winter, and being that there is still enough snow on the ground to bury bodies, I've yet to play airsoft. But I can still review it. This is my first condor product, and it's also my first MOLLE rig kinda deal. From another site( sorry) I ordered a triple mp5 mag pouch for my rig. With this I ordered a triple pistol mag pouch. When it came in the mail it was nice and lightweight. I opened it up and tried it on. Now, I know everyone always says that it's one size fits most, and that some adjusting is necessary, but this thing seems to have been modeled to fit Precious. When I got it adjusted, I had like 4 feet of slack straps. I know I'm kinda a skinny build but that's unacceptable, so I ended up duct taping the slack to the vest. That's really only issue I have with this product. Quick fix though. Anyways, the molle works perfectly, you can customize it more than a tac vest. On my left side sits a triple mag pouch to hold my leatherman and two USP mags. I have 3 mags, but one sits in the gun. On my right, I have a triple mp5 mag pouch for my mp5 mags.... There are internal pockets in the vest itself and there are rungs on the shoulder straps for a knife, radio, grenade, whatever. This vest is designed for high mobility and it does just that. I can run, jump, and weave my way through obstacles with little to no interference from this system. It's not gonna hold everything my tac vest does, only the things I absolutely need: ammo, and a multitool. If you're at odds whether or not to buy this or a tac vest, take this. You'll find that it's not worth jogging around with 10 extra pounds of equipment you may need over running into the action and outmaneuvering everyone. I can easily get more kills, cqb or not, using high mobility and forward, aggressive action. Since it's molle, it's formatted to suit any combat role anyways, and it's cheaper than a tac vest. 4 stars only cause of the slack. Buy it.

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    Reviewer: rgearty7
    Rank: PVT
    Location: Malden, MA
    read all my reviews

    5 out of 5- Condor Chest Rig

    Simple and efficient.
    This rig has a moderate amount of MOLLE real estate, but leaves you with plenty of maneuverability.
    Another reviewer said it feels like it was modeled to fit Precious, and he is 100% correct. Out of the box the fitment straps are LONG. Luckily the rear retainer belt and the shoulder harness straps are adjustable, and there is a velcro wrap on each to hold the unused fabric so you aren't running around with three black (or whatever color you buy) tails flailing behind you. I'm 5'10 and average build, and this thing took a TON of adjusting to get it to fit properly without sliding around. However, the adjusted straps seem to be holding up without loosening which is a big plus. For larger people, this is actually a great thing, but for most of us it's just a small annoyance on the first day.

    Now this thing is only as useful as you make it. Buy your preferred pouches and weave them in to the most comfortable and accessible places for yourself and you'll be happy with it.

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