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Condor Commando Chest Rig (OD)

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)

$ 27.99

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Average of 4.50 reviewed by 2 people
This item has 2 customer reviews
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The Condor Commando Chest Rig is perfect for the individual who doesnít want a whole lot of fluff or complexity with their equipment. With the bare bones, no nonsense assortment of affixed pouches, this vest carries what you need to fight!

With two larger pouches on the extreme left and right of the vest capable of holding five (5) M4/M16 magazines each and three smaller pouches in the center of the vest capable of holding three (3) M4/M16 magazines each, this vest can keep you supplied with enough magazines to fend off numerous zombie hordes!

Donít need so much ammunition? No problem; the larger pouches on the vest can easily double as a general purpose pouch or even a place to stow your spent magazines.

With an internal map compartment and radio pouch, this vest makes it easy to carry readily the equipment necessary to know both where youíre going and to coordinate the attack with the rest of your team.

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Reviewer: mister airsoft
Rank: COL
Location: West Barnstable, MA
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4 out of 4 people rated the following review helpful:

5 out of 5- Condor Commando Chest Rig

For starters, I would like to say that I actually own this chest rig. Being on an airsoft team, it is important to have multiple loadouts and this helps complete my green loadout. Now, at first, you may think that this chest rig is only for the new guys because of the low cost, but you are dead wrong. I have seen many players at my local field on another local team that have this rig, and they all love it. Now, I'm certainly not saying that this rig beats my multicam molle chest rig, but at the price it easily matches it.

Space - I use this to hold 8 ak47 midcaps, a radio, my kill rag, and a map if supplied by the field
Color variety

Not me personally, but others have had problems with one of the buckles that hold the mag pouches down breaking. It is not useless because there is velcro that holds the flap down too.

Don't let this one con steer you away from this rig. The guy that this happened to doesn't treat his gear nicely during play (Neither do I but I have had it for a shorter time than he has.) With the amount of space in this rig for only 25 dollars, there is no going wrong. Pick up a few in other colors to better match your environment and loadout.

Happy Hunting!

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Reviewer: Hack73
Rank: 1SG
Location: Elkton, MD
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1 out of 1 people rated the following review helpful:

4 out of 5- Commando Chest Rig by Condor

I was looking for a light-weight summer setup to go with my Multicam. I now believe I found my new primary rig. The pouches are really designed for AK mags but will definitely fit (2)M4 mags comfortably and 3 using a different stacking method. I have mostly G&G hicaps and they stick up a little bit above the lip of the pouch making it easier to grip them. If your mags are on the shorter side then you just have to push them up from the bottom of the pouch until you can grip them. If you go with 3 mags per pouch, you have to stack them with the wide part of the mag facing the other pouches and the curve of the mag going away from your body. The Youtube video below shows you how to if you don't understand. I use the middle pocket that has the buttons for my pistol which sits just below the lip making it easy to get to. And with the M4 mags in the pouches, it keeps the pistol from sliding down to the bottom of the pouch. The shoulder pouch I use to hold (2) 30rd gas 1911 mags. I have the rig setup close to my waist instead of high on the chest, which makes it fit snug and comfortable.

The two utility pouches on either side are currently empty because I ran out of stuff to fill them with...I guess my left side will have extra bag of BBs and the right side my death rag and other misc items.

Plenty of space for M4 or AK mags.
Light weight

The OD Green shade is a little on the bright side
Not a MOLLE system (who cares since it can hold all your gear)

P.S. I was skeptical about the price and how good can it be, definitely worth every penny!

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