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Umarex IWI UZI CO2 Carbine

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)


$ 174.99

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This Umarex product comes with a 60 day warranty provided by Umarex USA. Warranty repair or replacement on this item must go through the Umarex Service Center and does not fall under the Shorty USA warranty.

Click for more information on the Umarex LIMITED 60 DAY WARRANTY.

WARNING: Due to inconsistent sizing in other co2 cartridges we strongly advise the use of the co2 cartridges listed below in the recommended items. Problems experienced with other cartridges can or may include failure to fully seat, puncture and or leaking from the mag. Any problems associated with the use of said co2 are not the fault of Shorty USA.

  • Operation: CO2 Blow Back
  • Fire mode/s: Semi / Full Auto
  • Muzzle velocity: 360 fps w/ .2g
  • Effective range: 180 feet
  • Rate of fire: 1100 RPM
  • Ammo type: High polished .2g to .28g
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Magazine capacity: 38 rds
  • Locking slide: Yes
  • Open ejection port: Yes
  • Length: 14 - 24 inches
  • Gas type: CO2
  • Comes with orange tip

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    Reviewer: HaveBlue83
    Rank: COL
    Location: West Grove, PA
    read all my reviews

    4 out of 5- SOLID SMG, real feel.

    I mostly have real steel items in my vault. Sometimes I need to fill a hole in the collection that just costs too much for a real item, so I return to airsoft for that. Considering a semi-only Mini UZI is $1,200 a $200 SBR stamp, this is considerably more cost effective, AND Full-Auto.

    I have had hands on a real mini UZI, and this one feels great. recoil is awesome. more than a .22lr. gas is eaten >FAST<. I have found if you run a mag, let it sit for a bit after you go empty it and it will warm back up and you can get almost another mag out of it on a reload. Buy more mags. I got one extra and I am going to get two more You wanted a real-deal feel; you gotta pay $40 a mag and dump gas out the wazoo to get it. Worth it? wait till this thing starts bucking up n down when it recoils. total smile-maker.

    TOTALLY recommended. This IS the V2 version. load up 25rnds and keep it real deal so you can see how fast the mags should go. Orange tip is threaded, glued and plastic. ;)

    thanks shorty for having this.

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