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Umarex/Green Science Elite Force 1150ct. High Polish .2g Thunder BB

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)


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The "Premium" grade airsoft BBs from the Umarex Elite Force division have become one of the most popular ammo brands on the market. And, with good reason. In short, the ballistic properties of these rounds are unmatched by any other round we have fired to date regardless of it being a standard or BIO round. When compared head to head with some of the markets leading brands who boast tolerances down to the hundredth millimeter, perfect spherical balancing and precision lapping finish, the Elite Force Premium round all but kicks dirt in their face. It reminded us that it does not matter if the BB was molded by angels and hand polished by leprechauns. The only thing that counts is how the round flies when it leaves the barrel.

Both the Elite Force standard and biodegradable premium rounds displayed excellent performance by producing tight full auto groupings and not a single feeding malfunction despite thousands of rounds being fired out of a wide array of different AEG, Gas and Spring guns. And that my friends is pretty amazing considering that they are pound for pound the cheapest airsoft round we currently carry.

The Thunder BBs, quite literally, give you twice the bang for your buck. They come packaged in a genuine Thunder B grenade shell so, once you have depleted all of the ammo inside, you can simply drop in a Thunder B assembly and chuck that at the enemy as well!

"The .2g"
The .2g is the lightest weight BB which AEGs and Gas Guns are able to use. They offer the highest muzzle velocity although are not as accurate as heavier weight BBs when shooting at longer ranges. This makes the ideal for close quarters to mid range shooting where split second engagements are the order of the day.

  • 1,150 ct. Thunder B Shell container.
  • High polished, premium round.
  • Manufactured in Taiwan by Green Science.

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  • Umarex/Green Science Elite Force 1150ct. High Polish .2g Thunder BB - Quantity:


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