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Cybergun Mauser SR Pro-Tactical Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)


$ 199.99

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Average of 4.40 reviewed by 60 people
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The ergonomically designed stock of the Mauser SR Pro-Tactical bolt action sniper rifle is reminiscent of those found on Olympic class competition rifles. Its cheek piece and butt stock are able to be adjusted to best fit the shooter making it exceptionally comfortable to use. The adjustable butt stock has a full 2 inches of travel and is constructed out of metal with a soft rubber butt pad. Every part of this rifles stock is contoured to your body so that it fits you like a glove. Even the leading edge of the trigger guard is sloped to fit the heel of your hand when firing from the supported position.

There is a high metal content in this rifle which contributes to its hefty weight of 9.5 lbs. Its metal parts include the barrel, receiver, bolt, bolt handle, safety switch, trigger, magazine release, magazine, front sling mount, butt stock, bi-pod quick release unit, bi-pod adapter and bi-pod. The SR Pro-Tactical uses a free floating barrel which actually threads into the receiver instead of being secured with a set screw. This keeps them solidly connected and further improves the rifles accuracy. The receiver is equipped with a 16 slot weaver mounting deck which will accept practically any scope or sight you wish to put on it. This rifle features two functional safeties which include an automatic trigger safety as well as a manual safety lever. Other features include an oversized bolt handle allowing for easy operation while wearing gloves, spring assisted magazine release, quick detachable folding bi-pod with telescoping legs and a 3-9X40 scope with high rise scope rings.

The mechanics of the rifle are pretty much identical to the competing UTG MK96 and can even use the same magazines. However, we did find that the action of the bolt on this rifle was noticeable smoother and more precise. The performance characteristics of the two rifles are also very similar with the Pro-Tactical having only slightly less power than that of the MK96. Although the effective range of Pro-Tactical averaged only a few feet short of its rival so they are certainly in the same class. You’ll also find that this rifle is noticeably quieter with a softer report verses the sharper crack of the MK96 making it better suited for stealth and concealment.

Comes with: 3-9X40 scope, high rise scope rings, tri rail quick release bi-pod adapter, folding weaver rail bi-pod, speed loader and a sling.

WARNING: The nylon sling which is included with this rifle should not be used. We have found that it is cheaply made and can break under the weight of this rifle. Please do not use in with your rifle.

If you are getting one of your first Sniper Rifles please take a moment and read the following Hints and Tips for Sniper Rifles.

Please click on the orange hyperlinks to view more information!
  • Operation: Spring
  • Fire mode/s: Manual cocking
  • Muzzle velocity: 450 fps w/ .2g, 390 fps w/ .3g
  • Effective range: 180-200 feet
  • Ammo type: .2g to .3g
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs (w/o scope)
  • Magazine capacity: 23 rds
  • Locking slide: No
  • Open ejection port: No
  • Length: 48 – 50 inches
  • Comes with orange tip

    ©2008 Shorty USA Inc. Property of Shorty USA Inc. Duplication for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.

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    Cybergun Mauser SR Pro-Tactical Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Quantity:


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    Reviewer: foreignlegions
    Rank: GEN
    Location: Post Falls, ID
    read all my reviews
    278 out of 286 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- wow... one from one who owns the gun...

    I ACUTUALLY own this gun. If you casually look at every single review up there, none of them own this gun. They're all saying OMG the mk96 costs $30 less so this is worse, but the mk96 doesn't come with a scope now does it? So far, every single review, save for pooooooooooo's has only stated what they think about it or what other people find out about the gun. Airsoftcolt doesn't really know what he's talking about. Just because you watch a video on something doesn't make you an expert on it. How do you know those videos aren't wrong? How do you know those guys are telling you accurate ranges? NOTHING PASSES UP FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE!!!! DON'T FORGET IT!!! Also, colt, how do you know that suicidilist isn't a 6'5 football player or something? 10 pounds might be light to him.

    First of all, this gun is not more expensive than the mk96. the mk96 costs $170, and you have to buy a scope for it. Of course you're not going to get the cheapest scope on this site, so the scope will probably run you at least $35. Getting a scope comparable to the one this gun comes with: $50 or more. so 170 50=220. Only problem I have with this scope is the high rise scope rings are wayyyy too tall. I would suggest you get something like a compact weaver mount for this gun when you buy it.

    The gun's firing part (barrel, trigger etc.) are full metal. The stock is ABS plastic, except for the rear adjustable part, which is reinforced with metal. The butt is made of soft rubber.

    This rifle is almost completely adjustable to fit any regular sized user. The butt of the rifle (rubber bit) slides up and down. The stock does extend, but its a little more than 2 inches from my experience. Also the cheekrest comes up and down, making this rifle very easy to fit to anyone. It took me all of 5 minutes to make this rifle comfortable, and 2 of those were because I pulled the rubber butt plate off and had to figure out how to put it back on.

    Combat effectiveness:
    This thing is better than my previously owned UTG m324 gen 3. It took about 20 minutes total to sight the thing in, and it goes approximately 175 feet here where I am in north Idaho. I don't know how that would compare to an mk96, but range is always a little short where I live because of our fantastic weather. The scope is really nice, because you can go from scanning from targets to shooting said targets in the earlobe in about 3 seconds by simply twisting the 3-9 bit from 3 to 9. I would suggest you ONLY use .28 or higher in BB weight.

    Its a love it-hate it design. Its kind of beautiful in that ugly sort of way a gun is.

    I was continuously putting BB's through the 2 inch opening of a car window from about 160 feet away. Best accuracy of a gun I've used to date, and those m14s are pretty darn good. Most other snipers on this site can only dream of doing that, and its still a fluke in the dream.

    In the words of my friend who wanted to get shot with it, about 60 feet range "OWWWWWWWW!!!." He's a paintballer, and I've had my own experiences with powerful snipers. I said OWWWWWWWW!!! too when I got shot with it. Through a sweatshirt too. This is all you need, really.

    Wow that about does it
    Pros and cons:

    Price (yes its cheaper than mk96 don't forget the scope)
    you get 500 .28 bbs to try (at least mine came with them)
    Bipod included

    Only one mag. (get more mags dont make up crap about 1 hit 1 kill. ITS AIRSOFT!)
    Sling mounts not typical strap mounts.
    The plastic stock might cause some issues if you treat your guns like they were free.

    That pretty much sums it up. PLEASE don't write a review for the sake of writing a review. At least have used the darn thing before you write reviews on the stuff. Some customers (me for example) do not buy items based on reviews that say OMFG L@@KS SOOOOOO K00L BUY IT N0W and its a lot less annoying if you don't have to scroll through 15 or so reviews like that before you get to something that the guy knows what hes talking about.

    2 klondike bars to whoever read this excessively long review (sorry about that I just REALLY needed to cover stuff that other stupid newbies didn't cover)


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    Reviewer: Drunk Monkey111
    Rank: LTC
    Location: Ridgewood, NJ
    read all my reviews
    50 out of 53 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Mauser SR Pro-Tactical

    This is my first airsoft review, although you may be thinking, "Wow, what a looser, he must be a noob," that is not true. I have had 3 years experience at airsoft, 4 years in paintball (airsoft is a lot better, cheaper, usually painless, and it is nice to get the shots you fire within 10 feet of the target which is rare when it comes to paintball), and 10 years of actually firing guns (mostly 22 - 44 caliber rifles and 12-28 gauge shotguns). So I have plenty of experience. Now, on with the review.

    This gun is awesome. Like foreignlegions said you really shouldn't write a review based on research, but I also own this gun. I got it for my birthday from my parents so I'm not sure what website they got it off of. I'll start off with those good old pros and cons and then go into some more detail for those who don't mind a blinding wall off text for a review.


    1. Good FPS Rating
    2. Good range
    3. Good accuracy
    4. Price (comes with 3-9x40 scope & bi-pod)
    5. Sturdy frame & high metal content
    6. Large clip (for a sniper)
    7. Looks awesome
    8. Nearly fully adjustable
    9. Weight & Size (read more below)
    10. Comfortable
    11. Good design
    12. Quiet


    1. Weight & Size (read more below)
    2. Hop-up system is annoying
    3. Magazine is kind of annoying
    4. Stock wiggles after a while

    ..::~~FPS, Range & Accuracy~~::..

    The FPS is pretty high at about 410-420 if you maintain your gun and use .28g ammo. The accuracy is great as long as you sight in your scope which took me 5 minutes (but I'm used to sighting scopes so it's no big deal for me). The range of the gun is really nice, I play in a large field about 700feet length-wise which is constantly changing because it's private property of a landscaping company which keep massive rows of dirt all over the field so it's like an above-ground version of trench warfare that changes every week, the Mauser is capable of easily hitting a person on the other side of the field if only their head is poking up, therefore the range is great.

    ..::~~Gun Size, Weight & Build~~::..

    The gun size is pretty long which increases accuracy but for some people is hard to handle, it is a relatively heavy gun but this has its pros and cons, a heavy weight in a sniper reduces kickback (although there isn't really any in airsoft) and helps level the gun and keep it from moving while pulling back the bolt. People say that they hate how heavy the gun is but to tell the truth this shouldn't annoy a good sniper, if you're a good sniper you won't need to carry a bunch of slips and ammo, I'm not going to make up crap about 1 shot 1 kill but you shouldn't be firing 20 shots at one person, and you shouldn't really be worrying about finding new cover because it shouldn't be hard for a good sniper to hit a target advancing upon you and a good sniper shouldn't let himself be found anyway, this is made even easier because this gun is also very quiet compared to other snipers. The build of the gun is good, it's mostly metal with some strong plastic, I've dropped it a couple times, the worst that's happened is the loaded shot jammed and I just pulled out the clip and it was fixed. It is nearly fully adjustable and is very comfortable, the only problem with the build is that after a while the stock will wiggle a bit, just try tightening up the stock, I put a piece of black duct tape on it and the gun is fine. The gun is really cool looking and the intimidation factor it supplies you with pre-game is really helpful, makes your enemy feel paranoid as my friend put it.

    ..::~~Gun Accessories & Price~~::..

    The price of the gun is really cheap compared to it's rival sniper rifle, the UTG L96 (a.k.a. UTG MK 96). Most people say that the UTG L96 is cheaper but that is not necessarily true, the scope the Mauser comes with is worth (if I remember correctly) $50.00 and it is a really nice 3-9x40 scope. DO NOT USE THE SLING THAT COMES WITH THE GUN! The reason they supply this is probably because they know people will use it and the gun will break therefore the company makes more money because you have to buy a new one. The magazine is a nice full-metal magazine that holds about 25 rounds, the problem is that it is difficult to load, fortunately the gun comes with a speed loader. The reason the price is actually LOWER than the UTG L96 is because the scope is $50.00 the Bi-pod it comes with is also nice and I'm guessing is worth $15, and it comes with some other stuff that is helpful. So technically it is less...
    I highly recommend you get the pack of two extra clips, it is much more convenient to have to extra clips loaded before combat than to have to reload during the fight, especially as a sniper.

    ..::~~Overall Review~~::..

    I give the Mauser SR Pro-Tactical Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle the following grades...
    OVERALL - 9/10
    Weight & Size - 8/10
    Durability - 9/10
    Looks - 10/10
    FPS, Range & Accuracy - 10/10
    Price - 9/10 (Not all people want a scope & bi-pod with their gun price)
    Comfort & Feel - 10/10
    Adjustability - 9/10 (Hop-up system is a pain)

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    Reviewer: airsoftcolt1911
    Rank: BG
    Location: Stacy, MN
    read all my reviews
    35 out of 63 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- a long, and (hopefully) good review, for a long, and good gun

    I know this is a long review, but there are some things that I think you would like to know about the gun before you buy it, so please read the whole thing. Thanks! :)

    It's a really great gun, I don't own it, But I've watched several video reviews of it, and read even more reviews.
    The adjustable stock can come loose which would be very annoying in a game. But that can be fixed just by turning an allen wrench, but it comes loose again soon. I know that the main thing that caught my eye when I saw this gun at a couple different websites a few months ago was the stock, and its coming loose is one downside. But it wouldn't be that big of a deal to tie an allen wrench to the stock or something. The adjustable cheek rest and the grip are nice too.
    BTW, none of the pictures here on shorty show the bolt handle. It's a ball type, and is my favorite kind.
    although it's somewhat difficult to load, it has a nice, very durable clip, unlike many other sniper rifles.
    I repeat the warning in the description, DON'T use the sling!!! It will dump your gun on the ground, most likely not without damages.

    I would personally use .3 gram bb's, because accuracy Cannot be compromised for FPS! I've used a vsr10 with 420 FPS, and it's very good with just .2's. the faster the FPS, the heavier bb you can use, and the more accurate you will be at longer ranges. Also if you're concerned about your friends not wanting to play against 430 or 460 FPS, you can just get even heavier bb's and bring it down to around 400. When you combine the range, accuracy, and FPS this gun gives, you get a combination that will own.

    obviously the real name of this gun isn't an "SR Pro-Tactical", it's really called an MB05...but as definitely not my first choice for retailers I trust, and even though it's cheaper, they take a longer time to ship than shortyusa anyway. (and how on earth does shorty get it to my house so fast?! sometimes I think that they're paying extra to make it go faster lol. Thanks shorty!)

    and now for the...
    -FPS rocks! no more hiding behind brush for your foes! this thing rips through bushes and leaves.
    -accuracy/range (when using heavy bb's)
    -metal parts, this gun is very durable, and feels nice to hold.
    -usually looks isn't very high on my PROS list, but this gun is awesome!
    -comes with scope and bi pod (but then again, I personally would like to pay less, and just get the gun.)
    -adjustable stock if you don't mind tightening it up a little.
    -weight, hey suicidilist, you think 10 lbs. is light? how 'bout running around with this for a couple hours! then I think you would change you mind.
    -barrel length
    -adjustable cheek rest
    -interchangeable clips with MK96 (known as L96 by most people)

    -stock comes loose and wiggles
    -the FPS is so good that some of your friends may not want to play with you. But as I said before, just use heavier bb's. (so this is more like a PRO)
    -expensive, and you can buy a UTG L96 (MK96) for cheaper, while not compromising much of the performance.
    -can't think of much more!

    sorry for the long review, but I hope it was worth taking the time to read, and helped a lot! thanks for reading and please rate! :D

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    Reviewer: poooooooooooooooooo
    Rank: GEN
    Location: homerglen, IL
    read all my reviews
    18 out of 34 people rated the following review helpful:

    4 out of 5- epic

    the echo 1 shotty is $10 less but has 25 fps less and doesn't come with a scope or bi pod. you decide 2008. need i say more?

    yes. the only thing is this a a 50" rifle. and at 9.5 pounds that's a lot of gun even with the bi pod. this is for serious snipers only guys. don't go buying some cheap bb's either. and lets' face it if you're that into sniping and want to drop $200, well idk why people like sniping in my opinion. it's boring and hard unless you want to drop $90 more dollars on a ghillie suit. (yes probably spelled wrong) otherwise it is a beautiful gun.

    for all those who seem to skip over the bold red print and then in two weeks customer service has a whiny and confused consumer on their hands, DON'T USE THE CHEAP SLING THAT COMES WITH THE GUN, IT CANT SUPPORT THE GUN AND MAY BREAK.

    another nice touch is the over-sized bolt. with winter rolling around in chicago it's nice to be able to wear gloves and still operate your rifle.

    the only reason this got a 4 out of 5 was because of its extreme size. i'm 5'1" 90lb so the gun is a little much for 'crap i think that guy saw me gotta run to base now for cover now'

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    Reviewer: ruffing22
    Rank: LTG
    Location: Bentleyville, PA
    read all my reviews
    15 out of 24 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- great gun

    now i don't own this - it's my friend's, but he always leaves it at my house and i use it in many battles. ... this is a heavy duty rife, and it's dead accurate. so if you want an accurate, sick looking, great fps on a rifle, then this is your rifle

    hope this helped

    PLZ RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Reviewer: davidlgarrity
    Rank: COL
    Location: Hartsville, SC
    read all my reviews
    14 out of 18 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Mauser SR Pro-Tactical Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

    this is the best gun i have ever owned. if there was a 10 this gun would get it
    the range is awesome. shortys says that the range is up to 200 i have found with airsoft gun lube that it can go up to 280! to make a long story short you will not be disappointed with this gun and the scope and the bi-pod are top grade awesome. this gun is the most awesome spring sniper on the market. BUY IT you will not regret it and yes it is well worth the $200


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    Reviewer: sniperdaddy446
    Rank: LTC
    Location: Tabernacle, NJ
    read all my reviews
    12 out of 14 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- new mauser sniper

    this gun is amazing. ... the gun is very easy to handle and is a great buy because it comes with a bi-pod AND a scope. What other gun does that? The only thing i hate about this gun is the pistol grip because i am used to the m324 gen 3 and the pistol grip takes time getting used to but this is a solid gun because i have put this gun through a lot of abuse and it has not broken yet.

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    Reviewer: Beowulf
    Rank: LTG
    Location: JONESBOROUGH, TN
    read all my reviews
    11 out of 23 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- what no real reviews............................

    Ha no one that's reviewed this so far knows what they're talking about.

    Looks 10000000000000000000000000000000/10
    range 9/10
    accuracy 10/10
    feel 10/10
    durability 10/10

    o.k. so this has assassin looks and is my personal favorite sniper. I get headshots all the time and it's really quiet so you do not give away your position. if you want to look assassin buy this, or if you want the best sniper buy this.

    noise (none)


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    Reviewer: theDEMONofRAZGRIZ
    Rank: LTC
    Location: moyock, NC
    read all my reviews
    11 out of 17 people rated the following review helpful:

    4 out of 5- Mauser SR Pro-Tactical Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

    let's start of with saying this gun is amazing!!i was playing airsoft with a team of thirty at balahak airsoft field and one of the guys let me use his gun(this)it was amazing shoots hard and fast!!mag holds i think it was 20rounds and accuracy was dead on!!

    realistic feel!
    mag holds lots of ammo!
    very very accurate!

    somewhat heavy
    bolt hard to pull back when laying down

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    Reviewer: sniper4567
    Rank: MG
    Location: Acton, CA
    read all my reviews
    10 out of 64 people rated the following review helpful:

    2 out of 5- too pricey

    this gun is extremely heavy and long. i like that but it is very hard to maneuver and the fps isn't good enough for me. i suggest the shadow ops instead. this gun is a waste of money and time. don't buy

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