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UTG Deluxe Quad Rail Gas Block Barrel Mount

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)

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Machined out of a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum, the quad rail gas block barrel mount will replace the front sight on your M4/M16 series AEG. This allows you to have a clean sight picture if you have installed a scope on your rifle. The gas block also has 4 rails so you could attach a flip up front sight as well as a laser or flashlight. It is very easy to install as instead of using pins like your rifles original sight the gas block simply clamps to your barrel by tightening two bolts. Once the bolts are tightened the gas block is as solid as a rock and has no chance of getting knocked out of place.

  • One piece machined aluminum.
  • Replaces front sight.
  • Works on most M4/M16 series or similar rifles with removable front sights.

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    UTG Deluxe Quad Rail Gas Block Barrel Mount - Quantity:

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    Reviewer: RichardV
    Rank: MG
    Location: Thousand Oaks, CA
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    6 out of 15 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- It works great

    Cypher, you don't know what you are talking about. This is better than any other device you can get for your m16, and I now have three grenade launchers and one sniper scope on my cyma m16! IT KICKS BUTT!!@!#$

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    Reviewer: cypher1993
    Rank: MG
    Location: Mason, OH
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    3 out of 6 people rated the following review helpful:

    4 out of 5- convenient

    Hey, gets the job done. Got rid of my front iron sights on my CA M4! Although with the sights it looks more professional.... Also don't get this unless you already have an RIS system on your gun, or else it doesn't look that good. Plus it doesn't allow everything you want to fit onto it. Just not big enough.

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    Reviewer: Andy16
    Rank: LTC
    Location: Boston, VA
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    2 out of 3 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- UTG Deluxe Quad Rail Gas Block Barrel Mount

    Extremely useful if your M4/M16 doesn't have a RIS system. Fits nicely on my rifle and allows me to have a flashlight, laser and a clear sight picture. It was kinda a hassle to put on my KWA M4 but I made a guide on how I did it for anyone that has a KWA M4 below.

    UTG Quad Rail Installment

    KWA Full METAL KM4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft rifle 2G Version



    1. FLASH HIDER REMOVING INFO: On this rifle the flash hider is screwed onto a 14MM REVERSE THREAD WITH GLUE IN BETWEEN THE FLASH HIDER AND THE 14MM THREAD the flash hider has to be removed so the front sight can slide off the barrel. If the rifle is placed upon its stock facing upward with the magazine port(the area where the magazine is inserted)facing your chest turning the flash hider to the RIGHT(clockwise) will LOOSEN it, turning it to the LEFT(counter clockwise) will TIGHTEN it.

    2. PREPARATION FOR REMOVING THE FLASH HIDER: If you look at the flash hider you will see a small hex screw in the base of it remove with the correct size of hex key. If you also again look at the flash hider you will see 2 flat spots on the bottom. find the correct size of wrench that fits and is long enough to supply some torque a 6IN or 12IN wrench is great, also gloves or rags that will protect you from the metal the hair dryer will heat up. also a cloth to put in between the flash hider and the wrench to prevent cosmetic damages to the rifle.
    A 2nd person may be a great help in the removal of the flash hider.

    3. MELTING THE GLUE: Take the rifle and lay it on a flat secure surface, take a hair dryer and concentrate the hot air on one side of the flash hider leave it there for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes switch to the other side of the flash hider and heat for another 10 minutes. It is best to lay the rifle when about to melt the glue as is described below so you can start unscrewing immediately.

    4. UNSCREWING METHOD: lay the rifle on its side with the barrel facing the left and the magazine port facing your stomach to LOOSEN the flash hider PULL INWARD to LOOSEN while you are pulling INWARD have the 2nd person on the opposite side of the rifle hold the rifle from flipping over by pressing down on the pistol grip and having him turn the BARREL just below the flash hider toward him. This may take some practice so before melting the glue rehearse thoroughly what you are each going to do. It may be a good idea to keep the hair dryer still blowing on the flash hider while you are unscrewing to keep the glue melted.

    5. REMOVING THE FRONT SIGHT: Once the flash hider is off, study the front sight and you will notice pins all through out the front site to get them out you can buy a pin driver from a hardware store or somewhere else. Once you get ALL the pins out put a coat of oil on the outer barrel where the front sight will slide to avoid cosmetic damage to the matte finish. Put lots of oil into the crack where the front sight is wrapped around the barrel and let it soak in between the barrel and the front sight to prevent cosmetic damage. Once the oil is all soaked in, slide the front sight off the barrel(this may take some time twisting the sight from left to right slightly and pulling at the same time may help.)

    6.APPLYING THE UTG QUAD RAIL: Once the front sight is off, keep all the oil on the barrel and slide the quad rail where the front sight used to be putting the silver bar into the little slot in the quad rail, put the flash hider back on and your ready to go

    Hoped this helped.


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