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Umarex Walther P99 DAO Special Operations CO2 Blow Back Airsoft Pistol

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)


$ 64.99

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Average of 4.60 reviewed by 5 people
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The Walther P99 was introduced in 1997 and achieved instant stardom as the new weapon of MI6ís secret agent James Bond of which it has been ever since. The P99 was highly advanced for its time with complex ergonomics incorporated into its polymer frame which is still argued to be one of the most comfortable grips of any production pistol. It also featured such things as a loaded chamber indicator, decocker and firing pin indicator.

This CO2 powered airsoft P99 replica from Umarex is modeled after the newer DAO variant and features fully licensed Walther trademarks. The DAO is Waltherís double action only version which is accurately represented with P99 DAO markings and the lack of a decocker panel on its slide. Pick it up and every bump and curve of the grip fits the pistol to your hand like a glove just like the real thing.

The pistol is constructed with a reinforced polymer frame and a full metal slide giving it a solid heft and good balance. Its railed frame will accept most accessories so you can customize your pistol with a tactical light or laser. The single 12 gram CO2 cartridge which powers the P99 is installed into the rear of the pistols grip after first removing the backstrap. Because of this the pistol incorporates a stick magazine which holds a respectable 15 rounds and features a full metal shell and follower.

Squeeze off a round and the high pressure CO2 drives the slide back with a metallic clunk and a decent amount of kick. Power is a healthy 315 fps at the muzzle but since its blow back system takes very little pressure to operate, a single CO2 cartridge can last for over 100 shots! The pistol is geared more towards zinging down targets at close range but its accuracy and range is more than antiquate for a skirmish sidearm.

Overall this pistol is great fun and is a pretty remarkable shooter for its price tag. High gas efficiency and cheap spare magazines makes the Walther P99 DAO an ideal pistol for the budding secret agent or just a fun filled afternoon of ventilating soda cans.


This Umarex product comes with a 60 day warranty provided by Umarex USA. Warranty repair or replacement on this item must go through the Umarex Service Center and does not fall under the Shorty USA warranty.

Click for more information on the Umarex LIMITED 60 DAY WARRANTY.

WARNING: Due to inconsistent sizing in other co2 cartridges we strongly advise the use of the co2 cartridges listed below in the recommended items. Problems experienced with other cartridges can or may include failure to fully seat, puncture and or leaking from the mag. Any problems associated with the use of said co2 are not the fault of Shorty USA.

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  • Operation: CO2 Blow Back
  • Fire mode/s: Semi Auto
  • Muzzle velocity: 315 fps w/ .2g
  • Effective range: 100 feet
  • Rate of fire: N/A
  • Ammo type: High polished .2g to .25g
  • Hop Up: No
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Magazine capacity: 15 rds
  • Locking slide: Yes
  • Open ejection port: No
  • Length: 7.5 inches
  • Gas type: 12 gram CO2 cartridge
  • Comes with orange tip: Molded Plastic

    ©2011 Shorty USA Inc. Property of Shorty USA Inc. Duplication for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.

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    Umarex Walther P99 DAO Special Operations CO2 Blow Back Airsoft Pistol - Quantity:


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    Reviewer: Risker
    Rank: MG
    Location: Edmond, OK
    read all my reviews
    4 out of 4 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- awful (as in awe full)

    this is my fist blow-back so i really can't compare it to any others, but from searching the web for weeks this is the best i found for the price going off what descriptions say.

    -It gives a good kick * * * * *

    -deadly accurate * * * *

    -hurts (I personally believe that the fps is above what shorty states) it is enough to give people nice welts * * * * *

    -not the best sights but the are decent (the rear sight (sorry, forgot what it was called) is a wee bit to wide for me) they are really nice for low light though, and because of that they get 4 stars * * * *

    -lovely grip, solid and comfortable * * * * *

    - solid as diamond. Metal parts all over * * * * *

    -CO2 is easy and fast to remove and re-enstall, so if you need to you can do this on the battle field in 15 to 20 seconds if you work at it. * * * * *

    -trigger is a bit hard to operate because you must release it all the way and pull all the way back, but is strong and with practice its not a big deal * * * * (1/2*)

    -Looks sick, its part of the reason i purchased it, and when it showed up... "wow" it looks twice as nice and it looked awesome even online.

    -Magazines are a little cheap, they break easy, they will still work if the rod or little stick that holds the bb's isn't broken but the plate at the bottom broke off one of mine and this leaves the thing you use to unscrew the CO2 out revealed, not a big problem but still. Plus the look fake, just a little stick but thats how they need to be to fit the gun so i wont complain.

    -Truly does last over 100 shots. * * * * *

    -Really my only Problem with this gun (aside from no hop-up, but don't really need that because its a pistol and pistols are made for CQB, and very accurate anyway) is the safety. Being a lefty its in a tricky spot, i have not found a way to function the safety yet without two hands, even for a right hander it will require a stretch of the hand, image #3 shows the safety, it is the knob above the trigger to the right just a little bit. But hey, you don't need the pistol on safety in battle anyway.


    handsome pistol


    Looks incredible



    strong and solid and diamond (not really, but its a tuff pistol)

    Most amazing view when gazed at

    easy CO2 actions, removing and inserting.

    Epic CO2 lasting

    Did i mention it looks like a beast?


    sights are a bit tough to get the most accuracy out of

    trigger is annoying

    not very tough mags

    safety is hard to work with...

    Overall, I'm am very satisfied with my purchase and i believe it will last a long time.

    Risk It, And See If You Like It.

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    Reviewer: zeus2
    Rank: SPC
    Location: Aston, PA
    read all my reviews
    2 out of 3 people rated the following review helpful:

    4 out of 5- Great secondary

    This pistol is by far worth more than its cost,great accuracy, fires every shot, no jams and fells decent. the only con i have with this gun is it uses a cartridge of gas in 2 - 4 clips, not to bad, but i think it could be better, anyway, this is your gun if you want a cheat affective gun.

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    Reviewer: nick bond
    Rank: SPC
    Location: ,
    read all my reviews
    2 out of 3 people rated the following review helpful:

    4 out of 5- -james bonds p99 pistol,october 16 2012

    This p99 is a great gun its powerful and it's accurate and it can fire long distances. The fps is nice also. I also love that it has nice long lasting co2, I can fire about 120 shots before the co2 runs out.

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    Reviewer: Alphadown99
    Rank: GEN
    Location: Tucson, AZ
    read all my reviews
    2 out of 2 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Know what to expect!

    I waited for weeks for Shorty to get more of these babies in stock before I was able to purchase one, and I'm glad I did.

    This P99 is my first GBB gun, and I was looking to buy something that was fun to shoot without giving up an arm and a leg. Also, since I live in a state where airsoft retailers are few and far-between, I needed a CO2 powered gun since the cartridges are significantly easier to find than Green Gas. I'm honestly very happy with my purchase. I've done some serious testing of this gun, and - while I haven't yet actually gone out to the field with it - I'm quite impressed by its performance, considering the price I paid.

    - "Cool factor" This is a Gas Blow Back pistol, so it's wicked fun to shoot. The blow back action adds a "coolness" factor that you just don't get with a spring or NBB pistol. Plus, the clang of the slide sounds pretty cool!

    - Efficiency: This gun is surprisingly efficient on gas (just as good people at Shorty said). This probably has something to do with the EXTREMELY light slide (more on this later). I was able to shoot through 14 full magazines (210 shots, for those who're counting) before the slide catch stopped consistently functioning (I say consistently because for just about every other magazine for the next five or six, the catch WOULD work when the mag was empty), and I burned through twenty one magazines without any significant loss in range (though I don't own a Chrono so I can't speak to power). I was EXTREMELY pleased with this longevity. For the $0.50 it costs for a CO2 cartridge, I'm more than happy with that performance, especially for a gun with a blow-back system.

    - Power: There's plenty of power behind each shot. Be careful with this puppy. I made myself a makeshift BB catcher out of an old Rubbermaid tub filled with newspapers, but quickly stopped shooting when I realized that I was shooting THROUGH the paper AND the bottom of the tub from about 20 feet away. Yikes!

    - Ergonomics: This IS a P99 after all, so it may very well be the most comfortable handgun you'll ever hold: its grip is very forgiving, the magazine release is huge (AND ambidextrous - a bonus for southpaws like me), and the slide release is also huge and very accessible even for lefties like myself. It's also quite compact (slightly smaller than a Sig P226) but not so small as to feel cramped.

    - Value: If a fun little plinker/skirmisher or first GBB is what you're looking for, you absolutely cannot beat this price (especially since Shorty charges less than just about any other retailer for this particular gun, for some reason)

    - Aesthetic: This gun is an elegant and looks unique and futuristic compared to most pistols. It's as pretty as it is comfortable and as comfortable as it is pretty.

    - Accuracy: As shorty said, this isn't a gun that's meant for long-range engagements. Nobody in their right mind would call the accuracy stellar at any sort of range. Whether this is the fault of the "tactical sights," the lack of hop-up, the recoil from the blow back, or a combination of the three is hard to say, but don't expect to be engaging targets from any significant distance.

    - Range: As I mentioned above, this gun does NOT come equipped with a hop-up system, so BB flight is erratic at best, and often BB trajectory drops off rapidly. Shorty lists this gun's effective range to be about 100 ft. That may be a bit optimistic for shooting with any sort of consistency or accuracy.

    - Safety: Because the real P99 does not have a toggle safety, Umarex needed to fabricate one for this gun. As a result, there's a rather ugly, plain-vanilla safety on the right side of the gun that both looks bad and breaks the streak of fully ambidextrous controls on the gun. It isn't hard for a lefty to use his/her right hand to flip the safety on and off, but it's a minor annoyance and frustrating given the perfection of the rest of this gun.

    - Trigger pull: While it isn't a hard trigger pull, it feels SUPER long. It isn't a major issue, but it detracts somewhat from the overall comfort of shooting this gun.

    WRAP UP:
    -LOTS of fun to shoot
    -A single CO2 cartridge will last you a LONG time, especially for a GBB gun
    -Packs a heck of a punch
    -This thing is all smooth and EXTREMELY comfortable to bare hands

    -Accuracy at distance
    -BB's don't carry very far
    -Ugly, hard-to-operate safety takes a bite out of this gun's svelte exterior
    -Long trigger pull.

    Overall, I highly recommend this gun for someone looking for a reasonably-priced and fun GBB shooter or a short-range skirmisher that's comfortable to hold and fire.

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    Reviewer: USMCmauk
    Rank: CPT
    Location: Hockessin, DE
    read all my reviews
    1 out of 1 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- OUTSTANDING

    This is the best secondary item that i have used under $100. it is very reliable and tough, i could not ask for a better one for the price. This gun is operated by Co2, witch is not hard to find and Shorty USA has great deals on it!!

    Has a rail for a laser light
    Blow Back!!!
    runs on Co2
    Mags for this gun do not cost much at all, Shorty USA sells them

    None at all!!!!!!!!!!

    This gun is amazing, i had it for a year now and it is the best piece ever. It is great for CQB( The field that Shorty USA has is AMAZING) and outdoors.

    Definitely buy this now!!!!!

    Do you want to rate this review as helpful or not? You have to be logged in as a ShortyUSA Registered User!