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Condor Multi-Wrap (Olive Drab)

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)


$ 8.99

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The Multi-Wrap from Condor is an extremely versatile and useful piece of equipment for the airsofter or outdoorsmen. This tube of soft breathable cloth can be folded, pulled, tied, tucked or looped into numerous configurations from a cap or do-rag to a neck gaiter or balaklava. You can use it to help protect yourself from the sun, wind, pesky mosquitoes or even the occasional airsoft BB.

  • Breathable, stretchable fabric is water and wind resistant, comfortable and durable.
  • Nearly a dozen style configurations possible.
  • Excellent for camouflage and protection from the elements.
  • Machine washable however hand washing is suggested for best longevity.
  • Glasses not included.

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    Reviewer: ESA221
    Rank: LTC
    Location: Manorville, NY
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    4 out of 4 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Great Value

    The beauty of this piece is that you can use it in many ways. Of course that's the only reason its a great product.

    This is made to be comfortable, "breathable", easy to store, light weight, and above all adaptable.
    Comfort- The fabric is incredibly smooth and feels so even with 5 o'clock shadow. The wrap is also as soft as a newly purchased and washed pillow cover, only its elastic.
    Ventilation- Even with the wrap completely covering your mouth and nose, when you exhale none of that "annoy warm beneath" lingers. All other spots that skin is covered can vent easily as well, resulting in a cool head.
    Storage- You don't even need to fold it and it'll easily fit into a pocket, utility pouch or admin pouch.
    Weight- The wrap only weighs 3 or 4 ounces
    Adaptability- There are many ways to arrange this wrap to fit your needs but, the three I find most useful to be 1. the full (face) wrap, 2. the sweat band, and 3. the lower head wrap.
    1. Exactly what it sounds like, cover the neck and all of the head with the exception of the eyes and the surrounding area around the eyes. Provides maximum protection.
    2. This method is a simple wrap around the top of the head starting by the eye brows and going half way up the hair line. Provides little protection but, helps to keep sweat out of your goggles and eyes.
    3. Again, exactly what you would think it is but, it could be worn one of three ones for this method. Either the wrap could be worn from the nose to the chin or it could worn from the nose to the base of the neck or even just around the neck. Provides fairly good protection, based on the style chosen by the player.

    I have found only one draw back to this wrap and that is how thin it is. Its thickness (or even somewhat lack there of) allows for great ventilation, flexibility, and makes the wrap lightweight. However, when compared to some other face wraps or covers, like shemaghs, protection from BB strikes is a little lacking, specifically for teeth. I've seen teeth get hit on the field and I have my doubts about this wrap saving teeth but, protection in general is certainly better than just bare skin. That being said, in conclusion this is an excellent piece of kit that should find its way to your loadout.

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    Reviewer: Kristofer L.
    Rank: SPC
    Location: ,
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    5 out of 5- The Condor Multi-Wrap is Amazing!

    First off the main reason I bought this was only for camouflage but when I started using it I realized that it also keeps me incredibly cool. For me I wear a rubber face mask which gets really sweaty. But when I put this product on to cover my face mask is pulled the moisture away from my head. Which means it kept me really cool even though I was shooting for three hours in eighty degree weather. I use this product every time I play airsoft now. So besides the Multi-Wrap pulling the sweat away from you it also cheap but is very durable. The only way that this could tear is if you cut it with a knife! I would recommend this to everyone.

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