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PolarStar Fusion Engine Air Nozzle, M4/M16, Gold

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)

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Purchase price includes: x1 Gold Air Nozzle (M4).

The PolarStar Fusion Engine utilizes various different Air Nozzles. Each nozzle has a different bore diameter which allow the operator to shift the velocity adjustment range up or down. The air nozzles are color coded in order of increasing velocity. The color coding also allows field and event staff to easily identify and confirm the safe FPS limit of an airsoft rifle using the Fusion Engine system.

Note: The muzzle velocity with a given nozzle and pressure can vary depending on the length of the barrel. Therefore a shorter barreled CQB rifle will always yield a lower muzzle velocity than a long barreled sniper rifle.

Readings were taken shooting a .2g BB through a stock VFC barrel/hop-up assembly at 120psi.

CQB (275mm) = 313fps, Carbine (380mm) = 325fps, Rifle (509mm) = 363fps

CQB (275mm) = 350fps, Carbine (380mm) = 366fps, Rifle (509mm) = 400fps

CQB (275mm) = 380fps, Carbine (380mm) = 405fps, Rifle (509mm) = 435fps

CQB (275mm) = 423fps, Carbine (380mm) = 457fps, Rifle (509mm) = 476fps

CQB (275mm) = 446fps, Carbine (380mm) = 494fps, Rifle (509mm) = 514fps

CQB (275mm) = 500fps, Carbine (380mm) = 550fps, Rifle (509mm) = 590fps

This PolarStar product comes with a 6 month warranty provided by PolarStar Airsoft. Warranty repair or replacement on this item must go through the PolarStar service center and does not fall under the Shorty USA warranty.

Click for more information on the PolarStar LIMITED 6 MONTH WARRANTY.

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