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UTG Quick Detach Sling Swivel

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)

$ 7.99

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If your rifle is equipped with a QD attachment point then you may find this accessory to be very useful. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a 1 point or Wolf sling so if you have to shoot off hand or get into a situation where the sling restricts your movement the rifle can quickly be disconnected from the sling. Much easier than trying to pull the sling off over your head while you’re getting shot at!

  • Solid steel sling swivel and ring with quick detach push button.
  • Works with ECHO 1 QD stock mounts (the round little silver part on the side of your stock).

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    Reviewer: sh0ck cp sh0ck
    Rank: MG
    Location: Yardville, NJ
    read all my reviews
    9 out of 10 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Saved my life

    Honestly, when a friend threw this in with an airsoft package he assembled for me and told me what it was for, I honestly thought I wasn't gonna need to use it. But, I definitely ate my words.

    The next week, I went out to a war with that very same friend. He had a G&G M60E4 variant, and I had an M4 Carbine type rifle (forgot exactly what, ‘cause I had to replace it a while ago) which weighed A TON with all the attachments I had and the loaded high-cap. I also had this Sling Swivel attached to it. Anyway, the war was a 12 v 12, and was a siege type game. We were attacking in a CQB environment. During the engagement, since the other team had a couple guys with MP5 AEG's and Mac 10 and 11 GBB's, and the rest had springers, they raped in the CQB part and took out 5 of our men while we took out three of theirs. We forced them into retreat because my friend laid down a huge volley of fire with his 2,500 rd box mag. Then we went into field combat, and we had the advantage because we were using mostly M14 and M16 variants. A couple of us had M324's, but we only had one now ‘cause the others were taken out. Anyway, our FO (Forward Observer) told us that tango's were seen leaving and entering a bushed area about a 250 yards to our 9 o clock. Most of our remaining men took the direct path (a beaten out dirt road, the same one the enemy took), while myself and another member of the team cut through a densely wooded area that was much shorter than going along the path. We stayed about 30 feet away from the enemy encampment until we were sure that our comrades had started their frontal assault. We weren't there about 5 minutes before my friend radioed me and told me that most of them were either down or heavily suppressed by enemy fire. We were given the directive to roll through and provide assist. However, my partner's radio was extremely loud and some nearby patrolmen heard us. We realized they only had springers and started a frontal attack. Just then, my partner was hit, and my sling got caught on a stray tree branch and left me open for attack. Then it hit me: I was using the sling swivel, and so, I hit the quick release button and pulled my M4 free. I laid down some automatic fire and took out both of the attackers.

    For those of you still dragging on about the war story itself, the ending was not good. We essentially walked into an ambush. We lost all our men while they only lost 7. It seemed like they were smart enough to know not to use springers, but they packed a heck of a lot of ammunition with them. The point of that extremely long story was to explain how this item might not seem all that useful to you at one point, but it will prove itself when it matters most. I can probably bet that most of you reading this have gotten into a situation like that before. So for pretty cheap, buy a couple and put ‘em on your AEG's (or just one if you only have one AEG)

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    -your daily dose of sh0ck

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