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High Noon Outlaw 18x12 High Velocity Airsoft Target / BB Trap

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)


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With the introduction of the High Noon High Velocity airsoft target you can now practice with your high powered gas gun or AEG in the comfort of your home or yard without the concern of excessive bounce back or cleanup. At just over half an inch deep this low profile 12x18 inch target will hang neatly on a wall or tree for an effective at-home gun range.

We were quite skeptical at first that this thin target would actually stop a high velocity round but after an afternoon of shooting we were seriously impressed with its effectiveness. Not only was it stopping shots from our 500+ fps sniper rifle at only 10 yards, it was also effectively trapping the BBs inside of it keeping cleanup at a minimum.

The target frame is made from a ballistic polymer with a dense foam inner layer. Tabs strategically placed along the edge of the frame will hold the target and cardboard backing after being pressed into the frame making setup a snap. Literately.

You can easily make replacement cardboard backings yourself however we do offer replacement kits of die-cut backings and targets for your convenience.

Package comes with: 1X High Noon Outlaw target frame, 1X cardboard backing, 2X paper targets and 2X pieces of double sided adhesive tape.

  • Target measures: 12x18 square, .65 inches deep.
  • Integrated easy hang eyelet.
  • Stops and traps BBs.
  • Rated for airsoft guns up to 600 fps w/ .2g BB (3.34 Joules).

    Please note: Do not allow the target to become over-saturated with BBs as this will reduce its ability to absorb the BBs impact and will increase the risk of bounce back and may damage the target. Also, remember that using heavier weight BBs will often increase the muzzle energy of your airsoft gun so exercise caution when using high powered guns not to exceed the limits of the target at close range.

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