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WG M700 Series Revolver 8 Shot Speed Cylinder Conversion Kit (Black)

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)

$ 24.99

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The Speed Cylinder conversion kit for the WG M700 revolver series is a very useful upgrade if you spend a lot of time shooting. Not only does it increase the revolvers capacity to 8 rounds, it also makes reloading a much faster process.

This kit comes with a complete cylinder set including the yoke/crane, ejector rod and cylinder. This makes it an extremely fast process to swap out cylinder sets on your revolver and only requires the removal of 1 phillips head screw.

WARNING: Installing this kit can increase your revolvers muzzle velocity by 10% or more!! A revolver with this kit installed should NOT be used for skirmishing.

  • Compatible with M701, M702 and M708 WG revolvers.
  • Comes with 3 easy to load 8 shot moon clips.
  • Full metal construction.

    Please note: In order to install this kit on to the smaller M708 (2.5 inch) you will have to swap out the ejector rod which is shorter on that model. This is done by unscrewing it CLOCKWISE from the cylinder.

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