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UTG Tactical OP-1 Weaver RAIL Bi-Pod

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)

$ 32.99

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Average of 4.67 reviewed by 3 people
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Probably one of the best looking bi-pod that UTG has produced to date, the OP-1 bi-pod incorporates an external spring design which closely resembles those seen on modern military sniper rifles. It will mount to any weaver rail and can also be attached to most sling swivel studs using the included adapter.

Unlike previous models which were made almost completely out of aluminum, the OP-1 is mostly constructed out of steel so it feels a bit sturdier than its UTG brothers while only weighing slightly more. The folding legs snap into place with the help of a very beefy spring which keeps the legs locked solidly in either position. The legs will telescope in height from 5.5 inches to their default locking point at 7.4 inches. The legs can be stopped at any point in their travel with a secondary lock by rotating the round dial. To retract them simply reverse the dial or press the release latch and they will automatically spring back to their shortest length.

  • Folding legs adjust in height from 5.5 to 7.4 inches (center height 6.1 to 7.9 inches).
  • Spring loaded legs automatically retract at the press of a button.
  • Rubber foot pads for stability on any surface.
  • Attaches to Weaver RAIL/RIS system or to a sling swivel stud (swivel stud adapter included).
  • Weight .75 lbs.

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    Reviewer: Risker
    Rank: MG
    Location: Edmond, OK
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    7 out of 7 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- JUST WHAT YOU NEED!

    this is EXTREMELY nice. i use it on my km4, and i'll tell you it it is not nice when you get dirt up your mag.
    It helps EVERYTHING! I would go prone, and dirt would get all up my mag, that got annoying, so i bought this, but this is great for everything else too! Very nice surprise to learn it did more than keep dirt out of the mag.

    Accuracy: 10/10

    dirt out of mag 10/10

    weight 10/10

    size 10/10

    looks 10/10

    putting to use(putting the legs down) 10/10 (For me, some people might find that the springs are stronger than they like, but use will wear that out)

    so there you are!!!! :)

    Risk It, And See If You Like It.

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    Reviewer: KYairsofter215
    Rank: COL
    Location: lexington, KY
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    4 out of 4 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- perfect for what it is used for.

    Sorry for the lengthy review, but there are none for this so i will be as complete as possible.

    If you are a run and gun sort of person you will rarely use this, but in the right situation this is extremely helpful.the most useful thing about it is that if you have a good, long range shooting gun, when you are firing at someone, your shots can go everywhere just because your hand is a little unsteady. I set up targets today with my KWA M4 and using the bi-pod i hit a foot wide target 15/15 times from 120 feet and all but 3 shots were within a 5 in diameter. from 180 feet, i hit the target about 75% of the time, and the missed were due to wind. Does what it is supposed to do, the swivel is very nice, it is easy to aim around and move up and down. Stowing them up is really easy and it stays in place beautifully. it also looks fantastic and isn't heavy enough to weight down your gun too much. much better than a default bi-pod that came with my sniper, which has an annoying locking mechanism and looks terrible. 5/5

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    Reviewer: teameric
    Rank: COL
    Location: San rafael, CA
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    2 out of 2 people rated the following review helpful:

    4 out of 5- Does what it is supposed to do

    I bought this bi-pod about a month ago and it's proven to be pretty useful since. I use it for my Bravo BV7 sniper and it does not wobble one bit and provides perfect accuracy. It is very sturdy and was actually pretty challenging to fold and unfold it on the first day i had it, but it gets to be pretty easy after a while. The only problem that i have had for it is the bolt thing that you twist to tighten and loosen it. It becomes really loose and one time fell off during one of my wars where there is a bunch of tall grass and it took me fifteen minutes to find it. This is why I only rated it four stars. Although this might be because the RIS system on the gun is getting stripped. Also, this may mot be necessary depending on the venues that you normally play on and how you play. Like if you pretty much only play in forests where there are a lot of things to prop up your gun, it might not be necessary, but if you do a lot of urban warfare where there are a lot of smooth, solid objects, this a real game changer. And it also depends on how often you go prone.

    If you need a bi-pod this is definitely the one to get, especially if you have a sniper because most of the snipers on this site come with an extremely crappy bi-pod (mine broke 2 weeks after i got the gun) and a high quality bi-pod is a must.

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