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Mad Bull Blue Thunder 60 Degree Standard Hop Up Bucking (Two Pack)

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)


$ 9.99

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The blue Thunder bucking from Mad Bull is an excellent all-purpose bucking for your AEG. It is made out of 60 Degree rubber which is softer than the rubber of traditional buckings which makes it grip more aggressively resulting in better backspin. This bucking also has thicker lips which provide a better seal against the rifles air nozzle for improved air compression.

  • Includes 2X buckings and 2X rubber nubs.

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    Reviewer: boredgunner
    Rank: MG
    Location: Brooklyn, NY
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    1 out of 1 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Mad Bull Thunder Blue Bucking

    So I received one of these today for my ICS M4 which already had above average accuracy. Very soft buckings and I'm glad it came with two because I broke one during installation. It was my first time installing a bucking. :)

    This thing needs a ton of silicon oil spray in order to slide into the hop-up chamber smoothly. Installing the bucking is easy once you lube it up but the nub is a pain, as with any nub. It took me forever to get this thing installed but the bucking is clearly better than stock. It grips the BB better as it is a bit tighter inside and it will put a better backspin on the BB.

    The nub is the same as a stock nub, it's not their fishbone nub. So when separating the inner barrel and hop-up unit, if your nub does not fall out then just install the new bucking and re-assemble. Don't bother replacing the nub like I did - this did nothing and cost me hours. But it was my first time installing a bucking, next time shouldn't be as difficult but I don't want to take chances...

    It is a soft bucking... not drastically softer than my stock ICS bucking or any soft bucking, so keep this in guns running below 400 FPS.


    - Two for $10? Yes please
    - Grips BB much better, improves accuracy and effective range


    - It's a hop-up bucking. If your stock nub falls out it will be a pain to install. If it does not fall out, just install this bucking and re-assemble!

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