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UTG RC Series Web System Gun Case 46 Inch Black

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)


$ 79.99

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The Abrams Tank of gun cases, the UTG RC series offers protection, comfort and versatility all in one awesome looking package. With a high density 900 denier polyester exterior shell and 2 inch foam padding on the interior this case will keep your prized airsoft guns or firearms safe and secure whether you’re just driving them to the range or hiking them over a mountain.

  • The main compartment is secured by dual #10 heavy duty zippers as well as buckling nylon straps for extra security.
  • The case features a reinforced carry handle as well as thickly padded 2 inch backpack straps making even the heaviest loads manageable.
  • Extra large 12X30” storage pocket also features web system in the lining for attaching optional accessories.
  • Thickly padded interior features two velcro tie down straps as well as padded triangular corner sleeves.
  • The front of the case features a web system for attaching the three included cargo pockets for storing magazines and gear. Each pocket is secured by buckling nylon straps and velcro. They also have drawstring to cinch down their contents and restrict their movement.

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    Reviewer: Fox Mccloud
    Rank: MG
    Location: Highland, CA
    read all my reviews
    12 out of 12 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- legally, you need a bag; financially, you'll want this bag

    in terms of the law, you need a bag to transport your airsoft guns. If they are just in the trunk, in the back seat, or even better, on the passenger seat of your car and you get pulled over, you now have very big problems. So avoid all of that right now and buy this thing.

    Now, for practicality, this bag can not be beat. The "thickly padded interior" is indeed thickly padded and the velcro straps keep whatever you have in there from moving around. And what you could have in there is two M16, it has that much space. The smaller pocket, the one lined on the inside with that web system is large enough to hold a G36C. It's a tight fit but it works really really well. And let's not forget about the three bags that come with this. I use the center one to hold my 5,000 rd container of bb's, the one on the left for small accessories like grenade bb loaders or shooting glasses and the one on the right for gun batteries and small tools. And then you have those massive backpack straps - with all this stuff in the bag carrying it is surprisingly comfortable, but you do feel the weight. Or if you don't want to use the straps there is a carrying handle and it has a D-ring on each end of the bag so you could attach a sling to it....a very long sling mind you, but none-the-less a sling.

    So, to finish this up, this bag is, plain and simple, nothing short of awesome. It will carry nearly any gun you want (i have my doubts about a SAW) and keeps them well protected. Now this bag is a little pricey, but for those $80 you are avoiding:
    -legal issues
    -transporting your gun in a guitar case (also a legal issue)
    -damage to your rifles while transporting them
    -buying a lesser gun bag
    -making 35 trips to your car and back to get all your gear

    And that about sums it up. Oh and I've read multiple reviews about how "tac. vests or soooo much more useful and that bags are so big and you cant use them well in combat" well that's because it is NOT supposed to be used in combat, it is for the convenient and protected TRANSPORT of your guns. Now that i have finally gotten that off my chest, buy this case, even for $80 you will not regret buying it, ever. Ever ever ever ever........ever.

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    Reviewer: Silent snipe
    Rank: COL
    Location: Wellignton, FL
    read all my reviews
    7 out of 7 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Holy @#$$%^&

    This case looks awesome and is huge, and I guarantee WILL protect your gun. The size really matters 'cause I'm a sniper and them rifles come big. My m324 is my pride and joy with a woppin' 42.5 inch length! If you have a gun that is in the thirties or smaller don't get it, but hey it's your choice and I'm proud of mine.

    Silent Snipe over and out.

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