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Cybergun Colt .25 Softair Spring Pistol Silver

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)


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The Colt .25 is the smallest spring pistol currently made. Being smaller than a mans hand it could be considered a back up gun to your back up gun. While it does not set any records in the performance category it is still an enjoyable pistol to shoot and with .2g BBs is actually pretty accurate. Features licensed Colt trademarks and a full size magazine.

When we first saw this gun we thought for sure it must be a gas gun as we could not believe it would be possible to fit a spring piston into a gun that small. But surprisingly this little pocket pistol functions just like the full size pistols. You pull back on the slide and the whole thing moves back. Overall everything is 1 to 1 scale and moves just like the real gun.

Please note: The pistol will come with a small 50rd bag of green .12g BBs. We do not suggest using these as the gun will not be accurate with them. For best accuracy you need to use .2g BBs.

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  • Operation: Spring
  • Fire mode/s: Manual cocking
  • Muzzle velocity: 115 fps w/ .2g
  • Effective range: 80 feet
  • Ammo type: .2g
  • Hop Up: Fixed for .2g
  • Weight: .25 lbs
  • Magazine capacity: 15 rds
  • Locking slide: No
  • Open ejection port: No
  • Length: 4.75 inches
  • Comes with orange tip

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    Cybergun Colt .25 Softair Spring Pistol Silver - Quantity:


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    Reviewer: Blade116
    Rank: 1LT
    Location: Nowhere, AK
    read all my reviews
    4 out of 4 people rated the following review helpful:

    4 out of 5- I call it "Tiny Tim"

    Okay, the Colt .25, this is probably the smallest airsoft gun on the market, and let me tell ya, great things really can come in small packages. I'll just get right to the specs.

    Build(4/5)-I am amazed at how durable this gun is, it may be tiny but the plastic is great on it and through my year of abuse on this $15 gun, there's not a scratch. One problem I have to point out is that the paint on the safety and the trigger isn't very durable, but the gun is packed tight and strong, the only wobbling is the trigger by a little bit, no problems there.

    Functions(5/5)-Safety's easy to use and the trigger is buttery smooth. Not too sensitive and not too resistant. The gun is very user friendly, a 4 year old could figure out how to use it, it's simple and intuitive.

    Performance(4/5)-Now, the fps may be 115, and the effective range may only be 25 feet while the max is 40, but you gotta give it credit. It can fit in your palm, pocket, even your shoe, and it's a last resort CQB weapon. For the circumstance, the gun is great. I, being stupid, usually put in .25's or .20's (.25's was a mistake, use .20's), and .20's bolster impressive accuracy and distance compared to even .12's. You can rely on it for a close up weapon, and it will perform, but still keep it a backup to your backup.

    Skirmishable?-Yes, but under certain circumstances. Keep it for when your rifle clicks out and your slide locks back. Then, trust me, it will shine, I've taken out a dude with an AK-47 with 400fps because he made the mistake of rushing in once my pistol ran out. Trust me, when you need it, it won't let you down.

    All-in-all, an impressive gun, a sexy gun, and an awesome gun. I just can't get over how cool it looks too.

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