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Condor Commando Chest Rig (Tan)

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)

$ 27.99

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The Condor Commando Chest Rig is perfect for the individual who doesnít want a whole lot of fluff or complexity with their equipment. With the bare bones, no nonsense assortment of affixed pouches, this vest carries what you need to fight!

With two larger pouches on the extreme left and right of the vest capable of holding five (5) M4/M16 magazines each and three smaller pouches in the center of the vest capable of holding three (3) M4/M16 magazines each, this vest can keep you supplied with enough magazines to fend off numerous zombie hordes!

Donít need so much ammunition? No problem; the larger pouches on the vest can easily double as a general purpose pouch or even a place to stow your spent magazines.

With an internal map compartment and radio pouch, this vest makes it easy to carry readily the equipment necessary to know both where youíre going and to coordinate the attack with the rest of your team.

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Reviewer: paul12345
Rank: PVT
Location: Oxford, PA
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5 out of 5- Very Good

I really like this vest. I am a new player but I wanted to improve my game. This vest easily holds 4 AK magazines with a small pouch and 2 large one left over. The only problem is that I didn't know to cross the straps and for me it was very uncomfortable. Once I figured this out it was very comfortable.

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