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KJW Mk.1 Gas Non Blow Back Airsoft Pistol

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)


$ 64.99

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Average of 4.59 reviewed by 165 people
This item has 165 customer reviews
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The Mk.1 is truly a beautifully designed handgun with a sleek, streamlined profile and graceful curves. You would never guess that it is a brutal beast with power so devastating that it makes a Marui M4 seem like a squirt gun.

  • Construction: Solidly built with all metal internals encased in a heavy duty ABS plastic frame the Mk.1 is a very sturdy and reliable sidearm. This is the latest version of the Mk.1 so it has the metal hop up housing instead of the weaker plastic housing used in previous versions. It is exceptionally well balanced and is so easy to handle that it feels like an extension of your arm. The grip has the ideal thickness and sweep so that it slides perfectly into the palm of your hand every time. It has a 8 inch sight radius and a fully adjustable rear sight which lets you zero in on targets with deadly precision. Unlike traditional pistols which use a magazine release button, the full size metal magazine of the Mk.1 is secured by a metal latch at the base of the grip . This latch makes the Mk.1 well suited for a skirmish sidearm as it is nearly impossible to accidentally release and lose the magazine while the gun is in its holster.

  • Performance: Using green gas a .2g BB can be propelled at a surprising 410 fps. A few shots from the Mk.1 at close range will literally tear open the side of a soda can. Since this is a non blow back it has very efficient gas consumption allowing you to get several magazine loads out of one charge of gas.

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  • Operation: Gas Non Blow Back
  • Fire mode/s: Semi Auto
  • Muzzle velocity: 410 fps w/ .2g
  • Effective range: 100 feet
  • Rate of fire: N/A
  • Ammo type: High polished .2g to .28g
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs
  • Magazine capacity: 17 rds
  • Locking slide: No
  • Open ejection port: No
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Gas type: 134a, Green Gas or Propane
  • Comes with orange tip

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    KJW Mk.1 Gas Non Blow Back Airsoft Pistol - Quantity:


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    Reviewer: Rip The Sky
    Rank: GEN
    Location: Fullerton, CA
    read all my reviews
    145 out of 152 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Umm...Wow

    This gun is truly amazing, and for 70 bucks?! Hells yeah I'd buy it! This baby is shaweet! I love the loud bang it has upon firing and actually I don't mind that it's kinda hard to pull the trigger, but not too hard, it's just stiffer than most guns you'll buy, that's all. And the durability on this thing? Mine hasn't broken and I've had it for 6 months now! I wanna buy another one just to have a nice brand new one and give my other to my bro, and that's how I came upon shortyusa, so I thought I'd add my two cents upon this item and many others.

    Buy it, Try it, Love it. You'll agree with me, this is a great gun for 70 bucks!

    Rating this would be nice, thanks for reading.

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    Reviewer: I am Jaybird
    Rank: GEN
    Location: West Chester, PA
    read all my reviews
    64 out of 77 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- The pistol made by god

    In short:
    This is the best gas gun ever and you need to buy it.

    In depth:
    When I first got this gun I was impressed by its amazing performance. I took it up to my room and shot it at my pillow using green gas and was shocked at how hard it shot. Also the Accuracy way amazing. It fits well in my holster and doesn't move around. Also I love the way the mag is kept in because it stops it from being projected out of the holster when you are playing. The cap of the mag is fairly good but the gas consumption is amazing. You can average about 3 mags on one filling of gas. It is mighty powerful and is great for a sidearm and is one heck of a GNBB. I shot myself at pointblank with the gun in the stomach just to see how badly it hurt and I both bled and had a bruise around the area. It hurt so bad I fell over. I do not recommend using Xtreme (red gas) in this gun for obvious reasons. Firstly it's mighty powerful already but even more because it could damage the gun badly because of the plastic outer shell. Also even though you gan FPS you lose accuracy. Green Gas is much better than Red gas. One more tip is don't judge your guns performance by the bbs that come with it. They aren't of very high quality and I recommend that you take them and use them for a spring gun and use some HFC or KSC bbs for this gun.







    Gas Consumption

    Mag Cap

    LOUD (I like it like that)

    Good weight



    Plastic shell (heavy duty plastic though)

    Not very costumizable

    Rated on a scale of 1-10

    Power 10/10

    Accuracy 8/10

    Range 9/10

    Looks 10/10

    Durability 10/10

    Price 10/10

    Overall 9.5/10

    I'd say thats pretty good for a 70 dollar gas pistol.

    Accuracy Using .2g HFC bbs (Lubed) and green gas from 40 feet. [Target goes Bullseye Red Green Yellow Blue Black]

    1. Red

    2. Red

    3. Bullseye

    4. Blue

    5. Red

    6. Bullseye

    7. Green

    8. Bullseye

    9. Red

    10. Yellow

    11. Black

    12. Black

    13. Red

    14. Blue

    15. Bullseye

    16. Bullseye

    17. Bullseye

    18. Yellow

    19. Red

    20. Blue

    That is REALLY good accuracy (considering I am not the best shot)

    Now If you have tested the gun and you are a power freak and need more bang you can easily upgrade this gun. Or if you need to get it to a lower FPS you can also downgrade that.

    The following info on upgrading this gun is Courtesy of Teamblackjack

    Since this gun is gas it does not rely directly on springs or pistons to propel the bb. Instead, it relies on gas stored in a reservoir in the magazine. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer (part number 35) is released and strikes the gas valve (part number 57) on the back of the magazine to release a burst of gas. The distance that the valve travels with each hammer strike determines how much gas is released. The more gas released, the higher the velocity and vice versa.

    The power of the hammer is determined by the resistance of the mainspring (also known as the “hammer spring”, part number 45). As the trigger is pulled, the hammer strut (part number 36) pushes down on the mainspring plunger (part number 44) compressing the mainspring. At a certain point in the trigger pull, the disconnector (part number 34) releases the hammer and allows the mainspring to decompress and push the hammer strut, forcing the hammer to strike the valve.

    Adjusting the resistance of the mainspring is as simple as replacing the spring and/or adding spacers to the equation. (Spacers reduce the amount of room for the mainspring and force it to compress more. The more compressed it becomes the greater its resistance, exerting more force when it decompresses.)

    Adjusting the Mainspring:

    To adjust the mainspring, first remove the mainspring housing (part number 41). To do so, pull the housing latch (part number 47) on the back of the mainspring housing out from the grip of the replica. (The stock must be removed from the MK.1 carbine to access the housing latch and remove the mainspring housing.) Then, pull the mainspring housing out of the assembled replica.

    Once the mainspring housing is free, use a small screwdriver, hex wrench, or punch to push the bolt stop retaining pin (part number 43) out of the housing. Be very careful since the mainspring is under tension and may “shoot” the housing latch and mainspring detent (part number 46) out of the housing. (Try pointing the housing into a plastic bag when pulling the retaining pin out.)

    Downgrading velocity will require replacing the stock mainspring with one or more replacement springs and, possibly, spacers. Experiment with different configurations to achieve the desired results. If one spring alone is not powerful enough, the addition of spacers and even a narrower (smaller outside diameter) spring nested inside of it will increase the resistance. Springs nested inside of a larger spring combines the resistance of all of the springs achieving a greater, net resistance than each of the springs alone.

    Upgrading velocity is as simple as adding spacers to the mainspring. The greater the space occupied in the mainspring housing by spacers, the less room the mainspring has to compress. The result will be greater compression on the mainspring and greater resistance placed on the hammer strut. Too many spacers, however, and the mainspring will not have enough room to compress and will not allow for a full trigger pull. Using several washers instead of one large spacer (e.g.: an AirSoft bb) will allow for greater control and customization. Alternatively, the stock mainspring can be replaced with a stiffer spring or spring combination or supplimented with another spring nested inside of it.

    When adding spacers, make sure to insert the mainspring plunger into the housing first, followed by the mainspring. Then add the desired spacers. The mainspring detent then goes in after the spacers.

    Afterward, reassemble the mainspring housing, reassemble the replica, and test fire the gun. When downgrading velocity, it will immediately be evident whether there is enough resistance in the mainspring to fire or not. If it will fire, chronograph it and determine whether it needs more tuning. It may take several combinations and experiments to find the right mix of springs and spacers.

    If you are looking to find some springs and spacers check out your local hardware store. They will have a great selection to chose from.

    (all numbers used in my review will be found in the packet that comes with the gun.)

    This gun is amazing and you need to buy this. You won't regret your decision to purchase this gun. Best gas gun under 150 dollars. You need to get it.

    Once again I need to thank Teamblackjack for the help on figuring out how to upgrade this gun. And I hope this review helped you all out.

    Hope you get this gun.

    BUY IT!!!

    -I am Jaybird

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    Reviewer: Mr. Headcrab
    Rank: GEN
    Location: Mt. Ephraim, NJ
    read all my reviews
    50 out of 65 people rated the following review helpful:

    4 out of 5- Holy Crap

    I've picked one on these wee beasties up on a trip to Shorty's storefront. Let's just say, Being on the receiving end results in some very nice welts. 17 round mag capacity is a little on the small side, but the fact that the thunderous roar is enough to scare anyone dumb enough to get in close to giving up.

    Accuracy is fairly good, The trigger pull is a little severe to the uninitiated, but once you get used to it, it's like butter. Takedown is a breeze, as is reassembly. Get a spare clip or two, also consider a good case.

    The mag release is a little cumbersome at first, but, with some practice, you can get a faast relad out of em.

    And, for an added bonus, the mags work in the carbine version, Thus doubling the savings when you buy both >:3

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    Reviewer: Sharp-Shooter1992
    Rank: MG
    Location: Colorado Springs, CO
    read all my reviews
    41 out of 55 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Holy Fudge!!!

    Wow man!!! Freaking amazing!!! Pros/Cons:


    - Powerful shooter
    - Awesome accuracy
    - Awesome looks
    - Great feel
    - Magainze release rocks
    - Good gas consumption
    - *Almost colappses* SEVENTY DOLLARS!?!??!?!


    - Capacity is kind of on the small side

    My friend got one of these and all I could say was, "WHOA!!!!" It is AMAZING to say the least! This is the only gun my friend had (kind of a stupid buyer), but he fairs well in an airsoft skermish. And unless I am mistaken, this is designed after a Ruger. Which I had the luxury of using while I was in Ohio seeing my grandpa. He had one, and let's just say that... Well, actually I liked his Glock alot better. Cause the Ruger wasn't all that powerful...

    But with the AIRSOFT Ruger, I have to say it is AWESOME!!! It is so much like my
    grandpa's ruger, I was like, "WOWZAAS!!!". Though it did not have the fancy magazine release, nor the zoom-in rear sight.

    Me and three other of my friends are starting an airsoft team. Right now we are waiting on the money from our sponsors so we can buy our primaries:

    Me (Support) - A SAW
    Two Team Leaders (Snipers) - UTG M324
    Other Dude (Demolitionist) - Some AEG, and then a Grenade Launcher.

    And when it comes to my sidearm (if we have enough after the primaries), this is definetly gonna be what I am gonna get!!!

    Rating - 5/5 DUH!!!

    Happy Shooting,
    Bringing You Quality
    And Punctual Reviews
    Since May 2006

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    Reviewer: cyberfox00653
    Rank: MG
    Location: Lake Charles, LA
    read all my reviews
    28 out of 36 people rated the following review helpful:

    4 out of 5- What can i say? Get It!! @w@

    This gun is truly a cannon. There are currently two versions of this gun available. The MK1. and the MK2.- the MK2 a pistol/sniper rifle. As far as the MK.1 is concerned, i have mixed feelings, but i wont be biased.

    This gun doesnt require a long review. It has a good range, a nice price tag, gets over 50 rnds per mag refill, fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, a decent accuracy, has a low drop in velocity, fits in any standard pistol holster and looks great with a silencer. I exceptionaly love how you cock it. the slide grips are on the very back of the gun and pull back smoothly.

    I have a few problems with it. Two are more cosmetic than anything but one is desperatly important.

    The trigger pull is atleast 15lb's or more!!!
    Takeing the magazine out requires two hands
    And DO NOT! UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! Loosen The Hop-Up Too Much.

    The hop-up is held in place with a screw and a rubber o-ring. If you loosen it too much, it will pop out and you have to strip the gun to put it back in place (or maybe to find that it has broken). Either way, be careful.

    Aside from those ONLY three minor problems- i belive this gun should sell out everytime it comes instock. Also? You are better off buying this gun at Shorty's. I cant seem to find it cheaper else where that doesnt r*pe you on the shipping.

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    Reviewer: Mr. Black
    Rank: COL
    Location: Paradise, CA
    read all my reviews
    21 out of 26 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- You have no idea

    This gun is insane for just $70, dont ask just buy it. solid metal,and yea its not a blow back but the power is well wow, and has a nice kick to it. the accuracy is crazy, molds to your hand quite well. i have a real luger 22 and this thing identical in feel and weight and the accuracy is practicaly the same to. no flaws other than the low capacity, just buy extra mags and your set. Personaly i dont suggest xtreme gas just cause the kill factor like it says 450-460 fps, oh yea this is a cannon(super loud)green gas works just fine,i suggest toy jack, 380-400 fps.

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    Reviewer: nrusty1
    Rank: COL
    Location: West Sayville, NY
    read all my reviews
    19 out of 29 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- MK.1

    I have the carbine version(shorty should get it) and i put a bushnell 4x32 scope ion it and it out ranges upgraded m24's and aps2'2, also it cronos at about 576 with RED GAS, and about 520 with green/top gas!!!!! i recomend this pistol because the trigger pull gets easier from using it and i found out that if you take the hammer spring out and put a spacer(1/2 BB) at the bottom it has enough strenth to use RED GAS or even CO2!?!?!?!

    **ps** CO2 is not recomended and swells the mag ALOT, and you need pliers to take it out of the gun. HOP UP IS ADJUSTABLE WITH THE SMALL HOLE ON TOP OF THE GUN!!!

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    Reviewer: Silent Shooter
    Rank: BG
    Location: Lafayette, IN
    read all my reviews
    18 out of 25 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- wow

    this is the best airsoft gun i have ever purchased. it packs some serious power and has incredible range and accuracy. forget what the range says on here with xtreme gas my gun had no problem topping 150 feet and still being accurate. and it is only $70. this is one of the best airsoft guns with one of the greatest prices out there. i only suggest buying a spare mag and xtreme gas for it

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    Reviewer: Sniper777
    Rank: GEN
    Location: San Antonio, TX
    read all my reviews
    16 out of 29 people rated the following review helpful:

    4 out of 5- Very very powerfull

    I bought this gun a while ago (3 months before shortys put this gun up) from and it works great. the trigger pull is a little hard (because its an nbb) but its speed and power is phenomenal. It is a pretty loud gun and is very intimidating. Its mag capacity is a little low but with this thing it doesn't matter. My friends wont let me use it because it hurts so much. This gun is based on the ruger MK1 .22lr, also known as the assasins pistol and as the nickname states is the weapon of choice for assasins because of its built in silencer. The airsoft version is far from silenced! it has to be one of the loudest gas pistols out there. overall, this is a plinking gun, not really made for wars. It is made for EXPLODING yes EXPLODING soda cans!

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    Reviewer: connor11
    Rank: CSM
    Location: wichita, KS
    read all my reviews
    15 out of 28 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Wicked sweet

    This gun is so cool its not very heavy but the fps makes up for it and since its not a blowback if u fill the mag with gas it lasts about 3-4 mags the there r 2 thing i don tlike about this gun the triger is kinda hard to pull and the mag doesnt hold very many rounds but besides that is an awsome gun

    well hope this helped

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