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Mad Bull Ultimate 6.01x455mm Tight Bore Barrel

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)

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The stock barrel in the average AEG usually has an inner diameter of 6.08mm to 6.05mm. Installing a tight bore barrel will increase the accuracy of your AEG so you will get tighter shot groups and more consistent accuracy at longer ranges. Since the BB will fit tighter in the barrel your compression will also increase which can boost your muzzle velocity as well. How much it will increase can vary but it will typically climb 10-20 fps.

Mad Bullís Ultimate 6.01mm tight bore barrel was designed for those who are looking to get the most accuracy out of their rifles. Constructed out of 7075 Aircraft Grade aluminum these barrels are exceptionally strong yet weigh nearly 50% less than a standard brass barrel. These barrels only leave a tolerance of .04mm - .06mm between the BB and the barrel wall giving you maximum compression and stability. You must always use high quality, high polished ammunition when using this barrel and we do suggest cleaning the barrel before every game to insure best performance and reliability.

  • 6.03 x 455mm with crowned muzzle.
  • AEG cut works in most Marui compatible AK-47, AK-47S
  • Only works in AEG. Will not work in spring guns.

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    Reviewer: sh0ck cp sh0ck
    Rank: MG
    Location: Yardville, NJ
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    7 out of 7 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Serious Airsofters need this

    I have always said that Mad Bull is one of the best airsoft gun upgrade parts and accessories manufacturers on the scene today, and they prove this to be true with these amazing quality tight bore barrels.

    Some people I have talked to say 6.01 is too tight for a BB to travel down the inner barrel. Let me explain to you: this is not true at all. Most high quality BB's (which is the only kind you should use w/ a tight bore barrel) have a diameter of 5.98mm /-. The /- is the room for error in the BB, meaning that it could be .01 or less larger or smaller. The tight bore barrel also has this margin of error accounted for, so the barrel could be 6.02 or 6 mm in diameter in certain cases. The best case scenario allows for .04mm of space in between the BB and barrel, and the tightest allows for just .01 mm of space. This is allows for the best compression without going dangerously close to the BB. Too close would be .001mm of space, in other words, tight enough so that even the tiniest imperfection could jam the gun. However, that's not the case.

    -your daily dose of sh0ck

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