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Condor 42 Inch Double Rifle Case (Black)

Airsoft ShortyUSA (c)

$ 85.99

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This high quality dual rifle case from Condor has the space to hold up to two assault rifles, shotguns or SMGs. Made with a durable nylon outer shell and thick inner foam membrane this case will keep your guns protected during transportation and storage. The case is secured with dual zippers and buckled straps which locks it up tighter than Fort Knox.

The main 46 inch inner compartment of the rifle case features dual velcro straps and end pockets to hold the rifles in place during transport. In the middle is a padded divider to safely separate the two rifles and keep them from rubbing against each other. If you choose the divider can be removed by undoing a series of snaps along the bottom edge.

The auxiliary 26 inch compartment is large enough to hold a smaller rifle and has two inner 10.5x12 inch pouches with velcro closers which can hold pistols, magazines or other accessories. The outside of the auxiliary compartment features a molle system and comes complete with two 9x5 inch pouches and one 9x7 inch pouch already attached. The two 9.5 inch pouches feature inner dividers and all of the pouches are expandable with drawstring cinches.

On the back of the rifle case are padded backpack straps which are perfect if you need to hump your gear in a good distance. If not you can always tuck the straps away into a concealed pouch cleverly made into the back of the rifle case.

  • Large foam padded 42x13 inch main compartment with padded divider and provisions to stow two rifles.
  • Auxiliary 26x11 outer compartment features two compartments for pistols or other accessories.
  • Reinforced carry handle and concealable back pack straps.
  • Two exterior pouches feature dividers for magazines, ammo and loaders.
  • One large exterior multipurpose utility pouch.

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    Reviewer: snippped
    Rank: CPT
    Location: Verona, NJ
    read all my reviews
    3 out of 3 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- Absolutely perfect

    This case is ridiculous. It holds two guns, two handguns, mags, and you can wear it on your back. This thing has saved my a$$ a bunch of times.

    Holds two rifles
    Holds two handguns
    Holds a bunch of mags
    Looks sick
    You can wear it on your back comfortably
    Protects your guns
    Gives you a huge advantage on the battle field

    Honestly... I can't really think of any

    Looks 10/10

    Durability 9/10

    Combat abilities 15/10

    Storage abilities 1010

    Intimidation factor 9/10

    Shorty, please keep my war story because it really demonstrates the true usefulness and necessity of this case if you carry multiple primaries.

    ---WAR STORY---
    We were in a 9 vs 9. I carry a m4, m16, and a m324 sniper rifle. I was sniping and had my m4 and m16 in my bag along with my two gas NBBs. As the war went on it eventually came down to 6 vs 4. We were the 4. Two of my team mates got sniped and then I got the guy from a tree. Now it was 5 vs 2. My friend was at the bottom of my tree and I asked him to hand up my m4. I handed him my m324 and told him to go up on the ridge (there is a ridge with shrubs and bushes on it so you cant be seen). I'm team captain and the only sniper. I told him to keep his ak-47 with him. I put my bag on my back and started moving in, my friend following me from above over the ridge. Now at the time I was unaware that the other team had two snipers. So my friend got shot and my sniper rifle "fell" down into the bush next to me. I picked it up put my m4 in my bag and climbed up a tree. The shot had come from the grass so I took a shot at where i thought I saw something move and I saw a kill rag come out. 4 vs 1. Now I put my rifle back and took out my m16. I have low profile mags for it which are available here at Shortyusa. I crawled through the bushes and spotted a look-out. I took him out out easily and switched again to my m4. 3 vs 1. Now I carry to gas NBBs for a reason. Which is that I often get into situations where i need to be able to draw and fire. So I took them out and put them in my two thigh holsters on each leg. Another look-out spotted me (idiot... he thought my gas guns were spring) and I rolled just as he started to shoot. I dropped my bag and m4 in the process pulled out my gas guns and put about 6 rounds in him. 2 vs 1. The other two guys heard him shoot and I heard them running from about 500ft ahead. I quickly swapped guns again for my m324 and climbed a tree. They ran into the open and I shot them both easily.

    This bag allowed me to carry all the guns I needed to win this war for my team. My m16 for going low profile. My m4 which I use as what you could call a "standard" weapon. My m324 sniper rifle which I obviously use for sniping. And of course my trusty sidearms, for draw and fire situations.

    This case is very useful for storage and wars. It can hold all the gear you need and coupled with a tactical vest, anything you can think off.

    Shorty, you did an excellent job on this one.

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    Reviewer: airsoftguy111
    Rank: COL
    Location: Verona, NJ
    read all my reviews
    1 out of 1 people rated the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5- this bag... this bag is BEAST

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MY GOD!!! this is the sickest bag on the face of the earth. two rifles? no way. space for two more hand guns and mags? insane. only 75 bucks? HOLY SH*T!!! i don't care what anyone else says get this bag!!!

    Pros - - - -

    Cons - - - -


    u was sh0t by me

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